Lily is a bulbous plant with fragrant flowers and is one of the important fresh cut flowers. In the eyes of many people, lilies seem to be just fresh cut flowers, and they have never thought of planting them in pots or on the ground. In fact, lily is not only suitable for potted or ground planting, its overall maintenance is not difficult, it is relatively easy to grow flowers. If you want to have lilies bloom on your balcony or yard, read this article and take action!

Bulb preparation and planting time. Lily is a typical bulbous flower. Whether the bulb is healthy or not is related to the later growth. Therefore, choosing a lily bulb with a hard, large diameter, whether it is the bud point or the initial stem and leaf, will achieve a satisfactory state. Once you have your bulbs selected, you can start planting. Many bulbs are planted and potted in the fall. Lily is different from them, its natural flowering period is in summer, and the planting time should be spring.

When planting, the thickness of the seed ball buried soil needs to be paid attention to. Lily plants are stronger and taller than most flowers. In addition, in the summer of flowering period, when there is heavy rain or strong wind in this season, lodging is easy to occur. Therefore, the thickness of the burying soil for the bulbs is required: for potted lilies, the bulbs should be buried with about 10cm of soil; Plant about 20cm in the ground. In fact, there is a little advantage of deep burial, which is also very beneficial for the growth and expansion of the seed ball in the later stage.

Although lilies can tolerate a half-shade growth environment, during the growth period, especially before flowering, it is necessary to increase the light, so that its branches and leaves will grow vigorously and differentiate more buds smoothly. If the summer sun is too strong, you can properly shade the sun at noon. After the flowering period, you can leave a small section of branches and leaves in the pot for photosynthesis. In this way, you can continue to sow in the coming year, and then bloom, the flowers are large and colorful, and there will be bursts of fragrance.

When maintaining potted lily plants daily, the room temperature should be stabilized at about 20 °C. In summer, it should be placed in a ventilated and cool indoor environment for maintenance, and the room temperature should be controlled below 30°C . In winter, it needs to be transferred to a warm room for maintenance, and the room temperature should be controlled above 5 °C so that the plants can survive the winter smoothly.