The most important thing in giving a gift is to send your heart. In addition to the gift itself, the packaging can also reflect its intentions. Do-it-yourself packaging is romantic and warm. Here are some gift packaging methods.

Sugar cube type gift wrap

1. Cut the wrapping paper to a length 3cm longer than the box and a width 3cm wider than the box.

2. Place the bottom of the box in the center of the paper.

3. Fold the paper on the right side inward along the box, keeping the edge of the paper in the center of the box.

4. Fold the paper on the left side inward.

5. Fix the overlap of the paper with clear glue or double-sided tape, and fold the paper on both sides inward along the box.

6. After completing the above steps, fold the paper into a beautiful trapezoid in order, and then lightly mark the junction of the upper and lower origami paper.

7. Keeping the mark parallel to the edge, fold the paper underneath.

8. Fix the joint with double-sided tape or a beautiful sticker, wrap the other side, turn it over to the front of the box, and decorate it with ribbon or flowers.

The V-shaped gift wrapping method

1. Prepare a ribbon 4 times longer than the box.

2. Leave the length needed to tie the tie and wrap it diagonally lengthwise as shown.

3. Then make a circle vertically along the diagonal; Thread the ribbon left over from the beginning and tie it.

4. Bend the ribbon that comes out from below into a circle and tie a knot, so that the beautiful V-knot is completed.

The double-slash gift wrapping method

1. Prepare a ribbon that is three times as long as the box.

2. Leave enough length to tie the bow before laying the ribbon at an angle.

3. Note that the diagonal ribbons are arranged parallel and then rolled up.

4. Thread the left ribbon under the right ribbon.

5. Tie another nice bow so that the front and back sides become two parallel diagonal ribbons.

Give the exquisite gift made by yourself to your loved ones, go try it!