In addition to work, the most annoying thing for everyone is cleaning the housework. Every time it seems that there is not much housework, it takes a long time to organize. In fact, there are some practical and labor-saving housework tools that can make cleaning easier.

1. Bathroom wipers

The wiper with rubber head is an indispensable cleaning tool for friends who have a bathroom at home. Before each cleaning, you can mix white vinegar with baking soda, pour it into a watering can and spray some on the bathroom glass, soak it for ten minutes and then use it to scrape Clean the water heater, you can clean the water stains on the bathroom glass very well.

2. Blind cleaning brush

If you are still using a rag to clean the blinds piece by piece, be sure to try the blind cleaning brush. The brush head is a three-lobed design, which can be lifted into the gap of the blinds after being separated. The brush head is also based on the principle of electrostatic adsorption, which can be easily to sweep away the dust inside.

3. Electrostatic dust removal brush

Compared with ordinary brushes, the electrostatic dust removal brush is a way of electrostatic adsorption of dust, so it will not spread dust everywhere. The length of the rod can be freely retracted and the brush head can be bent at will. It is used to clean curtains and curtain rods and the top of the cabinet is very convenient, as long as you gently sweep with a brush, the dust will be absorbed on it.

4. Static mop

Although there is a word "electricity" in the name, this guy is not an electrical appliance at all. The principle of the electrostatic mop is to use positive and negative electricity to absorb dust and hair, which is especially suitable for girls with long hair or families with pets. Its brush head is very flexible and very light. As long as it is swiped on the floor a few times, the dust and hair will all be absorbed on the mop head, and the effect is very obvious.

5. Toilet spray gun

This toilet spray gun can not only be used to wash the toilet, but also very suitable for bathing pets if there are pets at home. Of course, it is also very easy to use when cleaning the bathroom, and the effect is quite good when the sanitary corner is washed. Compared with the shower, the water pressure of the toilet spray gun is very suitable for cleaning.

After understanding these practical and labor-saving housework tools, I believe that the process of doing housework will become much easier. In addition, there are some practical housework tips that can also ease our troubles. Let's take a look.

1. Range hood cleaning

I believe that what many people don’t like to clean is the range hood in the kitchen. The oil tank of the range hood is always difficult to clean. Sometimes even with strong detergent, it still takes a long time to clean the range hood, which is very distressing.

In fact, there is a small way to solve this problem. We fold the kitchen towels into long strips of the same size as the oil tank, and then spread them evenly in the oil tank, so that every time the oil stains drip from the range hood, they will all fall Put it on the kitchen towel without touching the oil tank, you just need to throw it away every once in a while.

2. Renovation of old toothbrushes

Many small crevices are places that are difficult to clean when we do housework. We can buy special crevice brushes, but people do not use them frequently, so it is a bit wasteful. And the old toothbrush that we usually use, because of its shape, it is quite difficult to clean up.

In fact, we only need to heat the old toothbrush with a lighter, and then we can change its shape at will, so that the old toothbrush becomes a shape suitable for crevice cleaning, and we can clean the crevice stains with peace of mind. Moreover, the frequency of replacing the toothbrush is the same as the frequency of cleaning the gaps. Every time you change the toothbrush, it is time to clean the gaps that have not been cleaned all the year round.