The kitchen is one of the important manifestations of a home. For the health of the family and the cleanliness and beauty of the kitchen, the kitchen needs to be cleaned regularly regardless of whether the cooking is frequent or not. Prepare some necessary kitchen cleaning supplies, which can help a lot in kitchen cleaning.

1. Oil stain cleaner

The range hood in our home needs to be cleaned after it has been used for a period of time, usually once every 3 months, otherwise it will be more difficult to clean if the oil stains accumulate, and the effect of the range hood will be affected.

Therefore, we can always keep oil stain cleaners at home, which can not only clean the range hood, but also clean the oil stains on the stove, oven baking pan, and sink drains, which is very convenient.

2. Fish scale rag

As a household cleaning tool, fish scale rags are commonly used cleaning items in many people's homes. It is great for cleaning stainless steel and glass items.

We can use it to wipe faucets, stoves, and glass, and we can easily remove stains without adding any detergent when wiping.

3. Mildew gel

The kitchen sink is often watered, and over time, the problem of mold in the gap of the sink will appear. These molds can release substances that are harmful to our bodies.

These molds can be prepared in the kitchen with a mildew removal gel. Just apply the mold removal gel to the moldy area, let it sit for half an hour, and then wipe it off with a rag.

4. Cleaning gloves

Cleaning gloves are one of the indispensable tools when we do housework. They can protect our hands well and prevent them from becoming rough, cracked, and even peeling due to direct contact with detergents, oils, and corrosive liquids. We can give preference to nitrile gloves or latex gloves.

5. Cleaning brush

The cleaning brush must be bought for the kitchen, because some places are relatively small and difficult to wipe with a rag, such as the glass bottle, the condiment bottle, the stove of the gas stove, etc.

At this time, using a cleaning brush is the best choice, which can smoothly remove the stubborn dirt on the gas stove and prevent the gas hole from being blocked, so it is also a regular in the kitchen.

If you want the kitchen to be clean, you must know some cleaning tips, and you must insist on cleaning, otherwise, it will be more difficult to clean up if the oil stains accumulate. After cleaning, the kitchen will give people a refreshing feeling. Now, let's take a look at some kitchen cleaning tips.

1. Clean the wooden cutting board

First of all, when cleaning the cutting board, first wipe the cutting board clean, spread paper towels evenly on the cutting board, then take a small bowl, add white vinegar and warm water to the small bowl, pour the mixed liquid evenly on the cutting board, remove it with the paper towel after a period of time, so that the cutting board can get a good cleaning and sterilization effect.

2. Clean stainless steel appliances

If you have leftover cucumbers, carrots and other more flexible vegetables, then you can use this dipped in cleaning solution to wipe, because the natural toughness of plants, so it will not scratch the surface of the utensils, and the cleaning ability may be smaller than that of steel balls. But for simple stainless steel appliance stains, it's still enough.