As the saying goes, "everyone has a love for beauty", and boys are no exception. Changing their image starts with dressing. As the seasons change, the clothes in the wardrobe are also different.

You can learn from the following for casual wear.

1. Light blue button-down shirt

Casual shirts can easily be distinguished from men’s shirts by the materials and color palette used, white or blue plaid shirts are perfect for men who like to wear casual clothes, and a blue and white switch can also make for a different style.

2. Short-sleeved T-shirt

A solid color T-shirt is an important match for leisure. They offer more versatility than their graphic counterparts and are perfect for pairing with sweatpants, jeans, or trendy chinos. Some people have multiple short sleeves in black, white, and gray.

3. Classic dark jeans.

Dark-wash denim can replace chinos and slouchy suits and still make the outfit look professional. Jeans are the most versatile item in a casual wardrobe. Whether working in the field or needing to maintain a semi-professional look or planning a casual date, these jeans are the right choice.

4. Khaki pants

Use fabrics like twill or corduroy for a variety of fabrics. When combined with khaki pants with earth tones such as olive or khaki, it makes for a simple yet comfortable outfit.