If your child also likes to be picky eaters, you can try to make children's meals with cartoon characters in different shapes, put the fairy tale world on the plate, make the meals look interesting, and make eating the most anticipated thing for children every day.

1. Eggs, chips and cherry tomatoes can be used to make ordinary eggs into a sun. In addition, a creative meal of goldfish swimming in water can be made with ingredients such as oranges and chocolate, and accompanied by a bowl of egg noodles, so that the nutritious and creative meal is a great match.

2. You can prepare a piece of cake, paste the sunflower petals made of cake crust on it, paint the eyes and mouth with chocolate on the cake, and then dye the green cake crust with green vegetable juice to make the sunflower leaves.

3. Can use a variety of vegetables and noodles to make a girl's shape. Green vegetables are used as a girl's skirt, and seaweed is a girl's hair, then the rice ball is the girl's face, and finally the girl's hair is made of noodles.

4. Use butterfly noodles, cherry tomatoes, ketchup, grapes, rice balls and green vegetables to make a clown, so it is easy to make, parents can accompany their children to do it, and let children experience the feeling of making creative meals.

5.Make a small swallow shape. The materials here are green vegetables, eggs, chocolate and dragon fruit.

Use chocolate to draw the shape of the swallow, then add the belly of the egg to the swallow, and then use a spoon to dig out the dragon fruit, which requires the purchase of a special scoop.