Beds, sofas, and chairs are a few of the most commonly used furniture in the home, it is important to pick a comfortable chair, which allows you to leisurely sit and read a book and drink coffee in your free time.

When selecting a chair, it is recommended to choose from several aspects.

1. Fabric

Fabric usually has two kinds of fabric and leather, the fabric is more breathable and refreshing, and long sitting will not feel stuffy.

Leather will be more comfortable to the touch, but it requires frequent maintenance, and the price will be on the high side.

2. Backrest

The backrest is best to achieve more than 25 ° tilt, and closely fit the curve of the waist, to provide good support for the waist.

Scientific research shows that when people tilt between 100 ° -130 °, can relax musculoskeletal pressure, improve blood circulation and restore mental vitality. The premise is to have support for the lumbar region.

3. Armrests

Armrests are mainly used to support our arms, to reduce the burden on the shoulders, some chairs with armrest height adjustment function, and the richer the armrest adjustment function, the stronger the adaptability to different body types and different sitting postures.

4. Seat cushion

The seat cushion is too deep will lead to the back is not supported, and the knees being compressed. The seat cushion is too shallow and will let the whole-body weight be pressed on the calf.

Seat depth and how much is appropriate depends on our leg length, and manufacturers cannot do specifically for a leg length to make a suitable chair, it is best to choose an adjustable seat depth of the chair or try to sit before buying.

5. Chair feet

Regular chair legs using materials such as plastic, steel, aluminium, etc., in terms of hardness and safety: aluminium> steel > plastic.

6. Appearance

The appearance of the chair and the colour are also important, after all, all kinds of furniture should be matched the atmosphere at home. Choosing black and white grey seats is more resistant to dirt, but the main thing should be based on the home decor style for colour selection.

7. brand

There are many brands of furniture products on the market, with varying price points. Different materials, different shapes, and different brands of chairs vary in price.

More recommended to use a good brand of chairs, most brands will be an effective commitment to consumers and pay more attention to quality, of course, the price will be higher.

Some small manufacturers produce lower prices, but the quality needs to be carefully considered by yourself, you can choose the right product with the right price/performance ratio according to your economic strength.