The cheetah is the most amazing animal. They are naturally fast and are experts at hunting prey quickly and quickly. They can go from zero to 100 kilometres per hour in three seconds, so they have evolved smooth, slim bodies that help them hunt with a high degree of specialization.

But it also means they are lighter and weaker in conflict with other large predators, including lions, hyenas and leopards. Other large animals do not miss any opportunity to steal their prey or kill their cubs.

Because cheetahs are born for speed, not to fight larger, more muscular predators on the African plains. Fierce competition among strong predators puts cheetahs at a disadvantage, and the natural habitat of other large predators is growing rapidly, forcing cheetahs to look for other possible habitats.

Sometimes, people of the same kind fight each other for food, often ending with serious injury or death on one side. The winner can enjoy the prey.

In the food chain, each animal has its protective code, which can be well integrated with the environment to avoid being discovered by natural enemies. That is why zebras have stripes while leopards have spots. The spots on the cheetah serve a different purpose, as they live in the African savanna and the light is strong. When the cheetah hides in the grass, the spots help to camouflage it. The cheetah is covered with spots, but there are stripes at the end of its tail. The marks under the cheetah's eyes are very similar to two tear stains, and it is because of these two tears that their eyes are protected from the bright light and can see far away.

According to research, no two leopards in the world have the same spots. Not only that, different kinds of leopards have different spots. The spots of the leopard are similar to those of the leopard, but there is one more black spot in the middle;

The spots on the clouded leopard are like black clouds, and the spots on the snow leopard are very shallow and gray.

In short, the spots on leopards are their natural camouflage. When the sun shines through the leaves on the golden fur of leopards, their spots integrate with their surroundings, forming a gorgeous camouflage that is difficult to find. When leopards are ambushed in the woods

Their spots will be mixed with shade and leaves. Using these leaves as camouflage, leopards can fully integrate into their surroundings, so it is not easy to find them.