It is a spice with a strong aroma that can be brewed as tea. It also contains a large amount of pine and aromatic alcohols and lauricene, which can refresh the mind, eliminate odors, invigorate the blood, and relieve pain.

How to make bayberry tea

Ingredients: 3 grams of bay leaf.

Steeping method.

1. Scald the teacup with boiling water, and drain the water to raise the temperature of the tea set so that the temperature of the tea leaves is relatively stable after brewing.

2. Take out an appropriate amount of laurel leaves into the teacup, pour boiling water into it and cover it with a lid, smother it for about 5 minutes and then drink.

The efficacy of laurel tea

1. Cure cough

Laurel has the effect of moistening and moistening, so you can drink laurel tea to relieve phlegm and cough.

2. Help digestion

The laurel leaf has a special fragrance, can be appetizing to wake up the spleen, help digestion, accumulated food bloating or poor appetite when drinking a cup of laurel tea is very beneficial.

3. Relieve pain

It can treat wind worms and toothache, cold pain in the heart and abdomen, wind-cold and damp paralysis, joint pain, etc.

4. Eliminate fatigue

When fatigued, tired, or restless, you can drink laurel tea to eliminate fatigue and relieve stress.

The efficacy and function of bay leaf

1. Anti-virus

There are many natural medicinal ingredients in bay leaves, especially the content of pine oil and aromatic oil which is relatively high. These substances have super anti-viral abilities, can inhibit the activity of a variety of viruses in the human body, and can prevent these viruses from harming human cells, thus preventing a variety of viral diseases. Taking them often can significantly improve the human body's anti-viral ability.

2. Appetizing and anti-food

There are a lot of volatile oil and aromatic substances in bay leaf, they can promote the secretion of saliva gastric juice, and other digestive juices, and can promote intestinal peristalsis, will enhance the human gastrointestinal digestive function, will also make people have a kind appetite, appetite feeling, usually use it to boil water to drink, can play an important role in appetite and appetite.

Laurel leaf also has a certain ability to repel colds and can relieve human stomach cold and abdominal cold pain.