As the largest carnivorous feline on the planet, the lion is the most successfully evolved of the modern feline species.

Originating in eastern and southern Africa about 120,000 years ago, lions are currently the world's only hermaphroditic feline.

Their most distinctive external feature is that male lions have manes, while females do not.

These lions usually consist of 8-30 members of the union family, in which the male lion is naturally the head of the family.

But the fact is that the family is made up of lionesses who form the core of the pride and who usually stay in the family from birth until the end of their lives.

The offspring they give birth to, especially the young male lions, will be forced out by the male lions when they reach adulthood so that they can fend for themselves or be self-sustaining.

Of course, no shortage of ruthless male lions will directly bite the young male lions.

Listed on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, lions once had to face both human slaughter and the harsh natural environment, as well as predation by other carnivores.

Even in this harsh survival environment, the lions still have to fight each other every year because of the lion king competition.

In response, some lionesses are forced to wander with their children to protect them from being killed by the lion king.

In the whole process of escape, although the lioness is confident, still will be embarrassed constantly.

It must be said that the lioness is both a big-hearted woman, but also a careless mother.

For example, the lioness with children across the river only cares about the mouth of this one and does not care about the death of the other children behind.

They are often chased by crocodiles in the river. Fleeing for their lives instead of the lives of children.

After all, when in the water, the lioness's strong advantage is greatly reduced.

For example, the lioness teaches the lion cubs to climb trees, the results of a careless, but let the baboon in front of their lion cubs abduct away.

Then there is the leopard to the direct live bite. So the lion family, which is mainly found in the grasslands of sub-Saharan Africa, has a mortality rate of 80 percent for lion cubs.

Less than 20% of lion cubs can scrape by and live to the age of two.

More ironic is that these struggling to survive the lion cubs are, in fact, neither by father nor mother, it is completely by luck.

Of course, these are heavy facts. But lionesses also have some interesting things to do in the process of children.

For first-time mothers of lionesses, holding children is a very difficult problem. Because the female lion's teeth are too sharp, sharp, easy to bite the bones of prey.

Faced with a newborn child in front of her, so the lioness is a little overwhelmed.

In the eyes of the lioness, there is never any concept of fairness.

So, for the young lions: If your brother bites you, you'll bite back yourself.

Because only those who are strong will be able to eat breast milk.

Thanks to the lioness's way of education, the lion cubs grow up in a fight!