Love is like a roller coaster; just sitting in the car with the people inside is full of expectations. The process gives an exhilarating feeling: some are happy, some are scared, while some may look excited on the surface, but deep inside there is not the slightest feeling.

This feeling is like the feelings we experience in relationships; each person experiences different things and has different insights and emotions. The men and women in the relationship are attracted to each other, and the love is full of expectations, ultimately driven by curiosity to ride the "roller coaster".

Many people only taste the sweetness when they first experience the taste of love, only to find that it has a variety of flavours - sour, bitter, spicy, and salty - after the middle. Those who have been in a relationship for a long time may find that love has become tasteless to them. This is because their love has been in a problematic stage for a long time and has long since lost its freshness.

From one person to two, it can be a warm and comforting feeling. The spirit finds a sense of trust and reliance, surrounded by companionship, two people together, providing mutual warmth and support, no longer having to suffer from loneliness.

The so-called "honeymoon period" of love is largely due to curiosity and novelty. To give the most straightforward example in life, when you get a new toy, aren't you very happy and can't wait to sleep with it, not wanting to be apart for a moment? When you shop online and open the package when it arrives, isn't your heart racing? When you get your first car, don't you want to drive it to the ends of the earth and cherish it? This is the so-called curiosity, which is curiosity about a new thing, followed by a sense of novelty.

As we all know, the novelty of this thing has a shelf life, it is not a long-lasting existence, but it generally comes as quickly as it goes. People are unlikely to be familiar with the same thing but still maintain the same level of curiosity, curiosity because they do not understand, because of the unknown, once there is understanding, that impulse will quickly recede.

Social penetration theory suggests that gradually and deeply revealing one's feelings and experiences to the other person, and listening to what the other person has to share, will promote understanding and trust between the two people, and the resulting bond will be stronger.