Do you know who invented the lighthouse? Who thought of using it as a way to guide ships?

The first lighthouses are said to have appeared in 270 BC.

The king of Egypt had the world's first lighthouse built at the eastern end of the Egyptian island of Pharos to guide ships entering the port of Alexandria.

This is the Lighthouse of Alexandria, which is listed in the Seven Wonders of the World.

The lighthouse stood for 1,500 years, but was severely damaged by two earthquakes and eventually sank completely to the bottom of the sea in 1480.

1. The Tower of Hercules

The four-square lighthouse tower is different from our traditional image of lighthouses.

It is located on a peninsula in the Galicia region of northwestern Spain.

This lighthouse was built in the Roman period and is the oldest of the Roman lighthouses still in use today, with a history of over 1900 years.

Named after the Greek mythology of Hercules, the lighthouse is 55 meters high and was renovated in 1791.

It was inscribed on the World Heritage List in 2009 and is also a monument.

There is a beautiful saying about the Hercules lighthouse that people who are separated there will be reunited.

2. Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse

Does the red and white lighthouse look familiar?

It is the end of the world that many literary youngsters dream of visiting once.

Listen to people who have been to Ushuaia, Argentina, who said that sitting quietly under this lighthouse for a while, you can look away from all the things you can not let go of in life.

When you get to the real end of the world, you will feel that everything can start again.

Ushuaia is the southernmost city in the world, across the sea from Antarctica.

This lighthouse is about 9 km from Ushuaia and requires a boat ride to get there.

In operation since 1920, the lighthouse is still in use and still escorts ships passing through the Beagle Channel.

However, it has been controlled automatically and is unmanned and not open to the public.

3. Pigeon Point Lighthouse

California Highway 1 is the road that many people start to drive in the United States.

Especially the section connecting Los Angeles to San Francisco, the scenery is stunning.

So California Highway 1 is also compared to a pearl necklace, stringing a dozen of world-famous tourist attractions along the way.

And Pigeon Point Lighthouse is one of the pearls.

Built-in 1871, the tallest lighthouse on the west coast of the United States, it is a must-see for all driving tourists from all over the world to California!

But Pigeon Point Lighthouse drives photography enthusiasts even crazier than the average tourist.

That's because, every year, for one day only, a unique lighting ceremony will take place here using the old kerosene lamp with a Fresnel lens.

The lighthouse will stop rotating in its lit state and remain stationary for five minutes, exclusively for people to take pictures.

The result of the photo shoot will surely take you by surprise, it is a kind of unreal beauty.

There are so many more beautiful lighthouses that you can easily spot if you pass by the coastline on your travels.

And with a little attention, you will find that these lighthouses in different poses are very flavorful.