Tigers and lions have long been known as the kings of the animal kingdom.

The lion is the king of the grassland, while the tiger is the king of the forest.

Although according to normal circumstances the two do not see each other once in their lives, and it is impossible to fight.

But people often compare the two.

The vast majority of people believe that the tiger's fighting ability is far better than the lion's.

Because tigers are mostly hunting alone and it is much more difficult to survive in the forest.

That is why the tiger is the true king of all animals.

But the tiger can get this name, not only because of his combat power that simply.

Let's take a look at the evolutionary history of the tiger.

Tigers evolved from carnivores in ancient times.

In the early third century, carnivorous felines could be divided into four species.

The first one is the archaic saber-toothed tiger species with highly specialized canine teeth.

The second species is the archaic cheetah.

The third is the pseudo-saber-toothed tiger, which is similar to the ancient saber-toothed tiger. And the last one is the ancient cat.

Because of environmental reasons, the ancient saber-toothed tiger and the pseudo-saber-toothed tiger became completely extinct in the late Tertiary period.

The ancient cheetah evolved into the cheetah of today. The last group of ancient cats evolved into tigers, and not directly, but with two levels of branches.

The ancient cats have evolved into three branches. The first is named true cats, the second is named dinosaurs.

The second is the true saber-toothed tiger.

Both dinosaurs and true saber-toothed tigers were completely extinct during the Quaternary Ice Age.

Only the real cats survived, and the surviving real cats directly evolved into two major groups of cats and leopards.

The tiger seen today belongs to the leopard group.

During the long evolutionary process, the tiger evolved into several subspecies, such as the Bengal tiger, the South China tiger, the Siberian tiger, and so on.

One of our more common species is the Siberian tiger, mainly found in the Heilongjiang region of China.

The Siberian tiger can be said to be the representative of the tiger world in terms of combat power.

The Siberian tiger is the largest, with males reaching over 3 meters in size and weighing a staggering 350 kg. It is the largest carnivorous feline today.

The Siberian tiger has a fire-like gaze, a thick and perfect body, and strong muscles on its back and limbs. Adult Siberian tigers also have large teeth, generally with thirty divided into incisors, canines, premolars, and molars, with amazing biting power.

Not only is it the strongest king in the forest, but even the tiger's fur is different from other animals.

We know that tiger fur looks striped. But if you shave the tiger's fur, you will find that the stripes are still there, really the same as the tattoos.

If we take other animals for comparison, other lions and bears, after shaving their fur, not only shrink a lot in size but also immediately reveal the color of the flesh.

But the skin of a tiger remains the color of the hair texture. Of course, this may only be a side-by-side performance.

The reason why the tiger sits firmly in the position of the king of all animals is still because of its fighting power.

In the animal world to be able to win a single fight with the tiger, only to be long extinct.