Sports cars are different from ordinary coupes, both in price and power plant, with a large gap between them.

Most families buy cars for the convenience of getting to and from work, but some people have higher requirements for cars, so they will choose sports cars with better performance. so what are the differences between sports cars and coupe cars?

1. The coupe is a kind of two-door two-seater car with a closed body and streamlined back. It is generally a sports car variant of an ordinary car, and its shape is very similar to that of an ordinary car.

Sports car belongs to a type of car with low chassis, smooth lines and outstanding power, and their biggest feature is the constant pursuit of the speed limit.

2. The characteristic of the coupe in appearance is that the passenger car part is relatively reduced in proportion to the three segments, which shows that the front and rear parts have been lengthened, forming an overall slender body, full of movement, lively and lively.

The rear of the top cover, the rear window and the rear baggage compartment of many of these models are connected into a curve, forming a feeling that there are only two sections of the front and the middle compartment, which is even lighter.

The common characteristics of sports cars are excellent power, dynamic appearance and smooth lines. The front-engine sports car has a longer front and a smaller rear suitcase, and the rear and mid-engine sports cars don't even have a suitcase, but there is a small space under the front cover for tyres.

3. The body of a traditional sports car is a two-door type, that is, there are only two doors on the left and right, two seats or two seats (two rear seats are particularly narrow, such as Porsche 911), with a foldable soft roof or hard roof.

Sports cars usually have two seats, the body is light, and its engine is generally more powerful than that of ordinary cars, so it has good acceleration and higher speed.

Just as girls like lipstick, both men and women are interested in red sports cars. For example, the Rolls-Royce Red Special Edition Phantom, the appearance part, new car is characterized by its magma red car paint

Which is divided into five layers of paint. each layer of paint is polished by hand for more than five hours. Exclusive crystal particles are added to the last layer to bring a more luxurious effect.

The new car, built to commemorate the 115th anniversary of the Rolls-Royce brand, uses red to support RED, a charity dedicated to fighting AIDS. In the interior part of the car, the new car adopts specially selected wooden panels

The surface is sprayed with six layers of varnish, nine different kinds of leather are handmade, and the colours Arctic White and Mugho Red are used as the Starlight Roof that Rolls-Royce is proud of.

The Starlight Roof of the new car uses 1,600 optical fibres to create stars that are mainly red by Mugho. Additionally, nameplates commemorating Rolls-Royce's 115th anniversary are engraved in many places in the car.