In daily life when shopping and going out need to use bags to carry items.

Today, food packaging bags, chemical packaging bags, steaming bags, pesticide tape, etc. are almost all plastic bags.

Plastic packaging bags are very popular, and plastic bags have been integrated into the daily life of modern people.

Although plastic bags have a lot of advantages such as convenience and saving because of the thin material so the time of loading items is easy to break, plastic bags once broken can not continue to use only as garbage discarded.

As most plastic bags are produced with non-renewable degradable materials, the plastic structure is stable, not easily degraded by natural microbial bacteria, in the natural environment for a long time without decomposition.

This is extremely harmful to the land, will change the pH of the land, serious pollution of the soil, affecting the absorption of nutrients and water crops, resulting in reduced agricultural production, and affecting the sustainable use of land.

Plastic bag burning is produced harmful smoke and toxic gases, and the same will also cause pollution of the atmosphere.

Plastic bags have a low recycling value and do not decompose in the natural environment for a long time.

This means that waste plastic waste, if not recycled, will become a pollutant in the environment in perpetuity and accumulate, which will cause great harm to the environment.

Waste plastic products abandoned on land or in water bodies are swallowed by animals as food, leading to their death.

Such things are common in zoos, pastoral areas, rural areas, and oceans.

It seriously affects the ecological environment and animal health.

Waste plastic products mixed in the soil continue to accumulate, which can affect the absorption of nutrients and water by crops and lead to crop yield reduction.

Waste plastics in landfills will not only occupy a lot of lands but also affect the sustainable use of land.

Waste plastic products that enter household garbage can take 200 years to degrade if they are landfilled, which is extremely harmful to the land.

Plastic products are not toxic substances, but because their recycling equipment is not perfect, the process is rudimentary, resulting in the reproduction of plastic products at a temperature of 150 ℉, toxic substances will precipitate and infiltrate into the food.

The liver, kidneys, reproductive system and central nervous system, and other important parts of the human body are caused by harm.

Some people habitually carry environmental bags, which is very worthy of promoting the behavior.

Compared with plastic bags, the environmental protection bag accounted for a slightly larger volume.

It is more durable and can be used many times, unlike plastic bags as easy to break.

The price of an environmentally friendly bag is not expensive, some only cost a few dollars.

But if every citizen can no longer use plastic bags to reduce a large amount of household waste, can contribute to the protection of the environment by a huge force.

From now on, try to replace plastic bags with environmentally friendly bags.