Have you ever gone bowling? Bowling is an indoor sport played in Europe, Oceania, and some Asian countries where a ball is rolled against pins on a boardwalk.

Bowling is played by drawing lots to determine lanes and order of bowling. During the game, 10 pins are placed in a triangle at the end of the lane. Players take turns hitting the pins behind the foul line. 10 rounds are one round. After multiple innings of pitching, the score is calculated according to the number of pins knocked down. The winner is the one with the most points.

Modern bowling originated from the "ninepins" in ancient Europe. It was first played in Germany, the Netherlands, the United States, and the United Kingdom, and then gradually developed around the world. At first, it was a private practice, but after 1895, large-scale bowling associations were established and rules were unified. The first international bowling competition was held in Helsinki, Finland in 1954.

In 1992, the highest world organization of bowling in Barcelona was the World Tenpin Bowling Federation, which replaced the International Tenpin Bowling Federation and the World Tenpin Bowling Federation in 2015 and held the World Tenpin Bowling Championships every four years to promote the development of bowling. The Games made bowling an official competition.

The throwing game played by the Polynesians in the ancient Pacific had similar fields and equipment to the modern game of bowling.

These are considered by researchers to be the earliest origins of bowling.

The modern game of bowling originated from the "ninepins" played in Germany in the 3rd and 4th centuries AD. It was not until the early 14th century that it gradually evolved into a popular sport among German people.

Bowling balls usually have three holes, but there are also four or five holes, but it's rare. The three holes are used to accommodate the thumb, middle finger, and ring finger, relying mainly on the strength of the middle finger and ring finger.

If a bowling ball has no hole, it can only be held with the palm, just like a volleyball, but the bowling ball is generally relatively large, that is, a person's palm is not fit, and the ball is easy to slip in the hand, the player can not make power.

The most commonly used fingers are the middle and ring fingers, with the thumb added if necessary.

The difference between bowling and other sports is that bowling requires relatively high equipment. Although it is very playable, the form is relatively simple, the skills are relatively easy to master. As a result, not many people love bowling.

Have you ever gone bowling?