Swim ring and lifebuoy have obvious differences and use! Lifebuoy is a kind of water rescue equipment, usually made of cork, foam, or other light materials with small specific gravity, wrapped with canvas, plastic, etc.

The swimming ring belongs to the water toys, can only play a supporting role in water leisure sports, not suitable for use in the pool deep water, rivers, and sea. Compared with the lifebuoy, the swimming ring weight is too light, it is difficult to throw accurately; poor pressure resistance, easy to break and leak; the plastic surface will become slippery when exposed to water, and more difficult to grip.

Lifebuoy is a kind of water rescue equipment, the production process is complex, more stringent requirements. For example, the lifebuoy body core material uses polystyrene, outside wrapped in glass fiber cloth, coated with three layers of phenolic resin, and then wrapped in canvas and painted with several layers of paint.

Only for inland waters, the overall mass of the lifebuoy is not less than 1.5 kg, the purpose is to enhance the strength of the lifebuoy body, as well as the rescue of people in the water when throwing accurately, not affected by wind and waves.

Lifebuoy was invented to save lives in times of crisis, so in the daily time to pay attention to maintenance.

1. lifebuoy in the first 30-40 degrees of water temperature before soaking for a while, to soften the plastic lifebuoy and the air inside to adapt to the water temperature before use.

2. life buoy in the inflatable time does not fill too full, because now the indoor temperature is limited, filled too full, all the cold air inside, once into the pool's hot water, the life buoy will be too full because of the principle of thermal expansion and contraction in the interface burst open.

Then how to use the life buoy?

Thrower one hand to hold the lifebuoy lifeline, the other hand will be thrown in the direction of the downstream of the people in the water, no flow, and the wind should be thrown in the upwind, lifebuoy in order to fall into the water climbing to take, pay attention not to hit the body of the fallen, but also the lifeline tied to the side of the railing, both hands throwing lifebuoy.

If someone falls into the water while sailing, the person who falls into the water should call out to attract the attention of other people. The person who finds it should get a life buoy nearby and quickly throw it to the sea near the person who fell into the water.

The specific method is: to throw the lifebuoy upwind to the person in the water. The fallen person first grabs the handle rope, and then both hands while pressing down the side of the lifebuoy, so that the lifebuoy is vertical, hands and head into the circle, and then the lifebuoy in the two armpits, keep the head above the water, the body floating in the water, waiting for rescue.

If someone falls into the water during the mooring of the ship, it is best to throw down the life buoy with a floating rope. After the fallen person climbs to take, the ship's personnel recover the floating rope and pull the fallen person to the side of the ship.