As the saying goes, curiosity killed the cat. Just how curious are cats, they will be interested in all the new things around them.

No matter what you bring home, they will be the first to run over and check it out.

Love to get into any tight space and are especially good at squeezing themselves into boxes.

From time to time, they stand at the top of the home and look down on everything.

You will also often find a pair of eyes staring at you, and every move a cat makes is curious.

So, why are cats so curious? It all stems from hunting nature.

Since the prey of cats used to be very small animals such as mice, birds, snakes and so on.

So cats have to eat many times a day to ensure that they get enough energy.

Therefore, it can be said that cats are in a hunting state all day long and are always sensitive to their surroundings.

This explains why cats are particularly excited to see small animals moving around, or anything small that they would like to paw and grab.

In addition, cats like to burrow into boxes, plastic bags, and any space that seems too small to accommodate their size.

This is because cats are hunting in the wild while also trying to prevent being sneaked up on.

The small space will usually hide the cat's food.

It is also the best hiding space, and the cat's enemies simply cannot get into it.

After millions of years of evolution, this behavior habit of cats is also intact.

So the cat is not because of curiosity to burrow into various corners, purely because the small space can give it a sense of security.

Cats are very sensitive to their environment, so they are especially good at observing it.

For example, it will jump to the highest place in the house and look down on the whole home.

It is also part of a cat's daily routine to frequently patrol its territory, including all corners of the home.

Of course, the daily work also includes, spying on you.

Maybe the owner is a slow-moving hairless cat in the eyes of the cat, or maybe it is prey that the cat cannot get at.

In short, it is essential to observe every move of this large animal.

However, a cat's curious nature can bring about a cat's demise.

Responsible owners should protect their cats from potential dangers that they are not aware of, just as parents protect their children!

However, do not be overprotective.

Because cats are advanced "individualists" who do not like to be coddled.

Although it seems to us that cats living indoors are well clothed and fed and have nothing to worry about.

But, cats, feel like they are still living in the woods.

It is this curiosity and neurotic-like behavior of cats that has allowed them to successfully survive and bring endless fun to people.