Goldfish have beautiful bodies and a wide variety of species.

Its body color has red, yellow, blue, purple, black, white, bicolor, tricolor, five colors, etc.

Goldfish 5 representative species of Bubble Eye, Common goldfish, Black telescop, oranda, lionhead-ranchu, Tamasaba.

Goldfish habits

Goldfish are gentle and generally live about 6 years, but there are also longer ones.

Goldfish belong to an omnivorous carnivorous freshwater fish with well-developed pharyngeal teeth, which can swallow harder bait.

Goldfish have a strong ability to adapt to water temperature, but can not adapt to drastic changes in temperature, the suitable water temperature is 18-26 ℃, and the temperature is too high or too low will affect the goldfish's feeding and growth, and reproduction.

Goldfish like weak alkaline water, the pH of the water body is 7.5-8.0 is more suitable.

At the turn of spring and summer in northern China, when the water temperature begins to rise, goldfish also entered the breeding period, the water temperature in this period is controlled at about 20 ℃ is more conducive to the goldfish spawning and hatching.

Goldfish feeding precautions

1. Do not rush goldfish into the tank when you take it home, you should first put the plastic bag containing fish into the tank for about 20 minutes before opening. So that the tank water will slowly pour into the bag and the fish gradually adapt to the water temperature and water quality.

If there is light, the light should be turned off, so that the fish will not be frightened.

2. Goldfish like a larger space, generally every 3 liters of water to raise a centimeter-long fish is more appropriate.

Density is too large easily leads to a lack of oxygen in the water, water quality deterioration.

3. Fixed time once a day to feed food, each time within 5 to 10 minutes to eat is appropriate. Feed less on rainy days and no feeding at night. Every day clean up the leftover food and fish poop in the water.

4. Can not change the water too much at once, can not change the water temperature sharply.

Change the water after the water is cloudy, use the water that has been in the sun for one or two days, and leave one-third of the old water when changing the water.

Goldfish are beautiful in appearance and easy to keep, very suitable for people who like small animals and do not have too much energy to take care of them.