As a major royal figure, the Queen's 'Royal Garage' is also a rich heritage and a review of the cars she has driven, ridden in, and collected would make a 'chronicle of European luxury cars.


Founded in Birmingham in 1878, Rover was the first car to be driven by Queen Elizabeth II. The Rover P5 series was then known as the "Rolls-Royce of middle-class cars" and was the exclusive car of the British royal family at the time, with the Queen having a P5 and a P5B.


The replacement of horse-drawn carriages with cars began in Britain in 1892, but the development of the motor industry was hampered by the Red Flag Act (i.e. the need for a man with a red flag in front of a motor vehicle to open the road, which was originally intended for steam locomotives).

After half a century, the Duke of Edinburgh appointed Rolls-Royce to build a new car, called the Phantom IV, which was delivered in July 1950, and the British royal family was no longer monopolized by Daimler.

The Phantom VI Landaulettes were among the special luxury cars Rolls-Royce built for Queen Elizabeth II.


In 2002, Bentley designed the State Limousine specifically for the Queen's 50th anniversary of her accession to the throne and it became a classic of its generation.

At the Queen's request, the opposing doors could be opened at an angle of nearly 90°, and she also asked for a transparent roof, which could be freely adjusted for light transmission.

In support of environmental causes, the Queen had declared her intention to convert her Bentley to burn only biofuel, and the brand also changed the original Arnage with its 6.75L V8 engine to eco-fuel.

The first owner of Bentley's luxury SUV, the Bentayga, which was launched in 2016, is also said to be the Queen herself.

Land Rover

Queen Elizabeth II can often be seen in the news on her visits or regular trips in Jaguar and Land Rover, the cars the Queen often drives in her life.

2002 saw Land Rover create a bespoke Defender for the Queen, a bespoke car exclusively tailored to her specifications, with heated seats, electric windows, and slightly raised suspension, allowing her to drive through the estate with ease.


Another of Queen Elizabeth II's favorite car brands is Jaguar. This Jaguar Daimler V8 Super LWB was delivered to Buckingham Palace in 2001, and for the next three years, it accompanied her on trips around her estate at Windsor Castle and on visits to friends and dignitaries.

In the UK, there is one person who can legally drive without a driving license, Queen Elizabeth II herself, because legally the UK driving license and passport are issued in her name, so theoretically no one can issue them to her, except herself.

As a result, the queen, who loved to drive, often drove "without a license".