Tomato sauce is used in many recipes, sometimes called tomato sauce, so are tomato sauce and ketchup the same thing? What is the difference between tomato sauce and ketchup?

If you've been looking at recipes, you may have noticed something that confuses you. Some people say ketchup and tomato sauce. Well, that means there is a difference between the two.

The American English for ketchup is "ketchup" or "catsup", while the American English for tomato sauce should be "tomato sauce". They are similar but different things.

Ketchup is a sauce-like concentrate of tomato, and tomato sauce is diluted and seasoned tomato sauce. Tomato sauce cannot replace ketchup, and ketchup cannot replace tomato sauce.

Tomato sauce is a sauce-like substance that uses ripe fresh tomatoes as raw materials and concentrates them through a series of processes such as peeling and beating. Tomato sauce is usually without seasoning, and some add some salt.

Tomato sauce is often used to cook fish in Chinese food, which can enhance color, and add acid and freshness. In Western food, tomato sauce is often used as a base for pizza and pastries, or as a basic condiment.

Tomato sauce is a condiment made from processed tomato paste, which is diluted and then added with seasonings such as sugar, vinegar, and salt, and then fried in salad oil. The finished product is reddish-brown in the form of a thin sauce. It is delicate, sweet and sour and slightly spicy.

Ketchup can be eaten directly, and in most cases, it is mainly eaten directly. Although tomato sauce can also be eaten directly, it is eaten after cooking in more cases, and generally not directly imported.

The content of lycopene in tomato sauce is significantly higher than that of ketchup because ketchup is a diluted product of tomato sauce.

In fact, apart from ketchup and tomato sauce, there are also tomato purée and tomato paste that are often confusing. What is the difference between them?

Tomato purée is a viscous liquid made from cooked, dehydrated tomatoes. It is generally used in dishes where you want to introduce tomato flavor without affecting the taste of the main ingredient. Often sold in cans.

Tomato paste is a tomato paste that has been boiled for several hours to remove water, then dehydrated, deseeded, peeled, and then boiled until a thick concentrate is obtained. It is several grades thicker than tomato juice, and sometimes corn is added to it.

According to different processing conditions, tomato paste can be used as a base for making tomato sauce or tomato-flavored juice.