The main ingredient in crisps is the potato, commonly known as the potato, which is a starchy food.

Often, potatoes are short processed to make a delicious food or snack, and the beauty of the starch exudes to make the chips perfect. The main processing method is baking.

How do you fry potatoes so they don't go soft?

There is a big difference between frying potato chips after they have been dried and frying them directly in the pan.

Dried potatoes have no moisture inside them, so they won't soften after frying because there's no moisture in them and they won't soften over time.

If you fry them straight away, they won't change much in appearance and they won't be as crispy.

If you dry them and then fry them, they will swell up quickly and they will be crispy and crunchy and super tasty.

What are some of the best chips in the world?

1. Paqui Chips This packet of chips comes in one piece and is sold for $4.99. Paqui Chips are made with Carolina Reaper Chillies.

Carolina Reaper chillies are currently the hottest chillies in the world!

2. Pipers was founded in 2004 and is still quite young in the chip world, but has been voted Best Snack Brand of the Year in the UK by Food Digest readers several times, and in the minds of many.

Pipers represents the most authentic British flavour.

Pipers' chips are always made with sunflower oil, which is higher in unsaturated fatty acids and lower in fat than traditional palm oil, resulting in healthier chips.

It is also worth noting that all Pipers Crisp products are gluten-free and safe for people with gluten allergies.

Founded in 2002, Tyrrell's is a young brand in the crisp world, but has won over 50 food awards and is the only British manufacturer of premium crisps.

Tyrrell's chips are made by hand in small batches, with thick slices going into the frying pan in batches.

The lower oil temperature and longer frying time allows the starch in the potatoes to dissolve, resulting in a hard, crispy and chewy texture, while retaining a good potato flavour that gets better as you chew.

Tyrrell's focuses on sourcing its products from local farmers, using only Lady Rosetta and Lady Claire potatoes, which are the most suitable for crisps, and ensuring that the potatoes are grown within a 50km radius of the factory, allowing for "seed to chip" quality traceability.

All ingredients and seasonings are free from artificial flavours and are gluten-free, making them vegan-friendly too.

In addition to crisps, Tyrrell's has a wide range of vegetable crisps for vegetarians, such as groundnut crisps and carrot crisps, which are very popular.