Even though science and technology competition is very fierce now, agriculture is still the foundation of the development of the country. It is a matter for every country to develop.

Only when we can eat full meals can we think about science and technology and have the energy to carry out scientific research. The structure of agriculture is very simple, and it is divided into planting, forestry, animal husbandry, fisheries, and so on.

Agriculture is an industry that occurs with the origin of human beings. Agriculture is also an industry that is accompanied by human development, and agriculture is related to our lives. The development of agriculture has a profound significance.

On the one hand, it can improve the income of farmers, improve the quality of life of farmers, and on the other hand, and on the other hand, it can also improve the stability of society.

Among the greatest engineering technical achievements of the 20th century selected by the American Academy of Engineering, agricultural mechanization ranks 7th.

The reason is that in these 100 years, the development and application of agricultural mechanization have changed the fate of world agriculture. Experience shows that countries that have realized agricultural modernization are based on mechanization.

Mechanization refers to the use of machinery to complete production operations instead of manual labor. Such as the mechanized assembly line of factories, mechanization in agricultural production, mechanized construction in engineering operations, etc. Mechanization is an important way to improve labor productivity and reduce physical labor.

Especially in some mountainous areas with very complex terrain, the level of mechanization is low. The heavy amount of labor has led many people to give up farming, which has led to the loss of agricultural production labor.

In the face of such reality, we must attach importance to the development of agricultural science and technology and the popularization of mechanization to improve the productivity of agriculture, mobilize the enthusiasm of farmers' production, and allow modern agricultural development to reproduce vitality.

Mechanization is the theme of agricultural development. Mechanized can improve planting efficiency, reduce human costs, and save a lot of time. The work that had to be done by manpower before is now using machinery. In addition, the development and prosperity of agriculture are related to the prosperity of the country. Only the public is rich can the country be truly prosperous.

Agricultural mechanization has transformed agriculture from handmade animal agricultural tools to machine production. In the planting industry, the use of tractors, seeding machines, and harvesters for land seeding, harvesting, irrigation, and other operations, so that all production processes depend on mechanical power and electricity.

This makes the human production method an automated production model, improves labor productivity, reduces labor intensity, and reduces the burden on farmers.

When building modern agriculture, agricultural mechanization is an important material foundation and an important symbol of realizing agricultural modernization.

With the improvement of science and technology, land planting is no longer a simple low-end labor industry. The use of introduction of mechanized production, digital management, scientific statistics, climate analysis, etc., make agriculture relaxed and high yield.