Playing tennis is a popular sport, which is loved by all ages. Playing tennis requires skill.

1. Determine where the ball is coming from and stand in position.

2. After standing in position, turn your left shoulder in the fast and agile zone, and only consider turning at this time.

3. At the moment of hitting the ball, hold the racket tightly so that it does not tremble.

4. In the final action with the ball, continue to swing quickly straight along the direction of the racket head, and then return naturally.

The tactics (playing style) of tennis include online type, bottom line type and comprehensive type.

Online type: after actively creating all opportunities and conditions to surf the Internet, intercept the ball in the air and make use of the change of speed and landing point to make it difficult or even wrong for the opponent to fight back.

The online play should pay attention to the high-pressure ball technique, which requires accurate judgment, fast response and movement.

The lower racket is resolute and decisive, the landing point is good, and the ability to protect the backcourt is strong.

Bottom line: basically keep the ball on the bottom line (including chopping) and occasionally surf the Internet when opportunities arise due to changes in the speed, strength, landing point and rotation of the ball.

This method requires: positive and fast, can attack and defend well.

There is no obvious difference between front and back racket, master topspin stroke, can attack continuously, have strong ability to break the net and counterattack.

Can use strong topspin lob, have the skill of "fighting" in fast.

Have the ability to deal with small ball and net at the same time.

Good physical strength, fast footwork.

Comprehensive type: the comprehensive use of the bottom line and the Internet.

The technical characteristics and requirements of this kind of play are: positive and fast, mainly attack.

Both front and back rackets can play enhanced topspin and stroke, and have the ability of continuous attack.

Can pull apart the opponent, good at volley and high-pressure ball powerful, good landing point, strong counter-attack ability.

Playing tennis mainly uses ankle, start need ankle strong, can kick strong, start can be fast.

Many people are because the knee is not strong, too much exercise will lead to contusions, old damage.

The second is the shoulder, this strength is very important, the movement is from the leg to the waist and then to the shoulder, this top is like a dividing point.

Finally, there is the wrist, tennis is played more carefully, and finally depends on the acceleration of the wrist.

And many people because the wrist strength is not enough, and can not control the force, resulting in wrist swelling or soft tissue injury.