Milk has always been the focus of the world's attention. There are still a few patches of green earth on Earth that produce pure milk. The new year is about to start, why not plan an eco-tourism in the new year, go to these pure pastures, and have a pure journey?

1. Rotorua, New Zealand: Agrodome Royal Farm

New Zealand is a country dominated by animal husbandry, which was a bit outdated in the era of rapid industrialization. But as the earth's ecology continues to deteriorate, this natural island country without industrial pollution is becoming more and more valuable.

Now, in addition to grazing, family ranches here are also involved in tourism, receiving tourists to visit their ranches and families, and this part of the income is increasing year by year. People who live in crowded big cities can't help but envy the cattle and sheep here when they come to the mountains and rivers. They can live leisurely and contentedly in such a beautiful and pure environment.

In New Zealand, if you want to experience the true New Zealand idyll life, the best place to go is the Royal Farm in Agrodome in Rotorua. Founded in 1971, Agrodome Ranch covers an area of 350 acres and is a five-star ranch. Here you can see New Zealand's complete range of animals and get up close and personal with them.

The pastures in New Zealand are all raised by natural grazing. No chemical fertilizers are applied to the pastures, and the feed is free of any pollution. The dairy products are 100% green and environmentally friendly. New Zealand is the only country in the world without mad cow disease.

2. Brisbane, Australia: Paradise Ranch

Australia's endless grasslands, white fences, cattle and sheep grazing leisurely, and red houses dotted with dots, are like a natural oil painting. It is said that Australian ranchers are the richest people. The pastures there are vast, at least a few hundred acres.

14 kilometers northwest of Brisbane, is the famous Paradise Ranch. The greatest pleasure of visiting Paradise Ranch is to experience the life of an Australian ranch: riding a carriage, milking cows, eating self-baked bread, watching sheep shearing, watching cowboy performances, etc.

The most exciting shepherd dogs in the ranch drive sheep, allowing you to experience the interesting part of real Australian ranch life. A small shepherd dog the size of a big rabbit with a pair of eagle-like eyes.

It faced dozens of merino sheep as big as calves, and on the backs of different sheep, they kept jumping up and down, driving around. After a while, the sheep that were lazy and scattered around were obediently gathered.

3. Tennessee, USA: Blackberry Ranch

Most of the ranches in the United States are owned by the rich. It is said that the best buildings in the United States are in ranches. Blackberry Ranch, located near the Great Smoky Mountains, is the most famous private ranch in the United States.

During a hike from Chicago to Georgia in 1930, Florida and Dave Laiser discovered it was more perfect than they had ever dreamed of. Florida her long stockings hung up in a blackberry bush, hence the name Blackberry Ranch, which was built in 1940.

4. Hokkaido, Japan: Shepherd's Ranch

Hokkaido is Japan's milk source base, and more than 50% of Japan's milk comes from pastures in Hokkaido. And the Japanese also recognize the unique flavor of milk and dairy products from Hokkaido. There seems to be a natural connection between Hokkaido and high-quality dairy products.

In fact, this connection is that the natural environment of Hokkaido is very suitable for the growth of dairy cows, thus ensuring the quality of milk.

Hokkaido is located at 45 degrees north latitude and has a typical maritime climate with cool summers and cold winters, which is very suitable for cows to live. Hokkaido has black land resources, and grass and silage grow well, which is a godsend for the food supply for cattle.

Since Japanese land is privatized, this determines that Japan's dairy farming industry is dominated by family pastures. Most of the pastures take the shepherd's life model as the real connotation, use the most environmentally friendly concept, adopt the most sophisticated operation method, and achieve a real people-oriented experience.

Therefore, working on a ranch is a very pleasant thing.