The world of bags is always changing. In the past, most of the most popular bags came from big names like Hermes, Chanel, and Dior. Recently, many brands have also been in the bag industry and gradually found their own place. The following are the most popular bags recently.

1. Chanel Mini Flap with Top Handle

Chanel's new handle Mini Flap Bag released last spring and summer is really popular. This bag has every classic element of the classic Chanel flip bag. It has all the leather chains, diamond pattern, and a double C Logo! Honestly, there are not too many outdated restrictions in the design of this bag.

But so far, as Chanel's seasonal model, it has just been launched for two seasons. So, we can’t be certain for the time being whether the same design will remain or not, and how long will it be launched in the future.

2. Prada Cleo

To say what new bag is the hottest recently, Prada Cleo must be on the list. Since its launch in 2020, its popularity has been very high, and many celebrities and Internet influences are using it. Cleo is a popular underarm hobo style right now, but it's more than that, it's got its own special twist.

The round and asymmetric bag body design and the Prada triangle nameplate on the front of the bag make Cleo more designed and recognizable as a whole. As a representative bag of Prada's current flagship, it is believed this bag will continue to be loved by everyone in the short term.

3. Fendi Sunshine

Sunshine has a three-dimensional full leather body, with a tortoiseshell handle, and its appearance has its own characteristics. Combined with the hot stamping Fendi Logo, it has a luxurious and retro sense of luxury, and at the same time, it is also very modern and fashionable.

In addition to its excellent capacity, the Sunshine is also with a removable shoulder strap, so it's super handy too! Although this bag has not been launched for a long time, it’s not hard to see that Fendi attaches great importance to it, and even recently released Mini size and different colors.

But after all, Sunshine is a relatively simple tote bag design, so how it will develop in the future remains to be seen.

4. Celine Mini Cabas

The familiar Mini Cabas are still very popular. This is mainly because of its reduced version of the Tote shape, as well as the Celine Triomphe pattern on the bag. It is young, fashionable, and recognizable for everyday wear. The price of Mini Cabas is as lovely as its look!

In addition, this bag is not only very light but also has a good capacity. If you don’t know what bag to use, or if you are in a hurry to go out, this bag is unlikely to go wrong.

5. Dior Caro

Dior Caro is Dior’s newly launched practical and easy-to-match flip chain bag after many years. This bag gathers together many Dior logo elements. Not only does it have the brand's classic cannage pattern, but the buckle also continues the design of the 30 Montaigne CD Logo, making it highly recognizable.

Although Caro has not been around for a long time, it already has many choices in color, style, and size, which shows that Dior also attaches great importance to it. However, as a new bag, the price of Caro is really expensive.

In addition, Dior bags are usually under quite competitive pressure, so it is difficult to predict how long this bag will last.

6. Gucci Jackie 1961

Jackie 1961, launched in 2020, quickly became popular after his debut. The classic, artistic and recognizable shape is deeply loved by fashionable people. In almost every new collection of Gucci, Jackie shows up in various poses. As a classic replica bag, Jackie is now a very representative style of Gucci.

In addition, the mini and trumpet are also attached with extra long shoulder straps, which can be more than one way to use this bag by adjusting the length of the shoulder straps.