The sport of basketball is popular all over the world. Nowadays, there are still many elderly people who have fallen in love with the game of basketball, which is not inferior at all compared with young people. However, there are still some aspects to be aware of. Follow this article to learn about the benefits and precautions of playing basketball for seniors.

Benefits of playing basketball for seniors:

Playing basketball can not only entertain the body and mind but also enhance the physical fitness of the elderly. In addition, playing basketball can also exercise people's minds and help the elderly acquire an optimistic mental attitude and a positive attitude toward life.

Moreover, playing basketball is not a one-person sport. It requires teamwork, physical confrontation, daring to challenge, and everyone's cooperation. Therefore, the elderly can make many friends on the basketball court.

People on the basketball court will sweat and fully stretch their bodies, making the blood flow for the elderly and making them more energetic. Playing basketball can exercise the leg muscles, abdominal muscles, upper body muscles, and so on of the elderly. Playing basketball can also exercise the coordination ability of the elderly.

Because many basic basketball movements have great requirements for human coordination. Playing basketball is also very helpful in developing the responsiveness of older adults. Playing basketball can get rid of waste. Sweating is caused by the increase in air temperature or body temperature, causing the secretion of sweat lines.

During exercise, the heat generated by the body will increase sharply, and athletes mainly rely on perspiration to adjust the balance of body temperature.

However, the elderly still need to pay attention to protecting themselves, and many actions can be easily injured if they are not in place. The excessive or rapid increase in activity is often one of the reasons for unintentional injuries in older adults.

Therefore, the elderly should exercise step by step, and then slowly increase the amount of activity after adapting to a certain exercise load.

The physical quality of the elderly is relatively poor, so when choosing exercise time, we must pay attention to what we can do and exercise step by step to avoid accidental injury. The elderly should keep in mind the symptoms of excessive exercise, such as low back pain, chest pain, dizziness, and other symptoms during exercise, and should stop exercising immediately.

When people hold their breath, the pressure in the thoracic cavity suddenly rises, which makes the blood return to the heart difficult, the cardiac output decreases and the blood supply to the brain also decreases, so dizziness, dizziness, and even fainting may occur in severe cases.

At the end of breath-holding, a large amount of blood suddenly returns to the heart, which will cause a sudden increase in cardiac output, a rise in blood pressure, and a sudden increase in the blood supply to the brain, which is prone to cerebrovascular accidents.

A major problem that the elderly should pay attention to when exercising is not to choose breath-holding exercises, so as not to cause syncope due to insufficient circulation.

Generally speaking, the elderly need to pay attention to many aspects when playing basketball and remember not to exercise vigorously. And in the process of exercise, it is necessary to protect the knee joint, so as not to damage the knee joint, which will eventually lead to the injury of the meniscus. The time for the elderly to play basketball every day should be well-controlled and not overworked.

Precautions for outdoor sports for the elderly:

1. To choose the best exercise time.

Because plants exhale more carbon dioxide at night, the air quality in the morning is not good. Also, thick blood increases the risk of clogged blood vessels due to not drinking water all night. Therefore, the elderly should choose to exercise in the evening.

In the evening, the human heartbeats and blood pressure are the most balanced, and the sensitivity of vision and smell is also the highest. At this time, exercise can help eliminate fatigue and improve sleep.

2. Choose a place to exercise.

The location of the exercise is also important. Under normal circumstances, the elderly should choose lakes, parks, fitness squares, etc. The characteristics of these places are that the sun is more abundant, the air is fresher, the environment is quieter, and the air pollution is less, which are beneficial to health.

3. To be equipped with suitable sports equipment.

When exercising, you must wear comfortable, lightweight sports clothing with good breathability to prevent sweating. Choose a pair of shoes with good elasticity, which are flexible and light, and can effectively prevent muscle and joint damage.