With the continuous development of the economy and the improvement of citizens' living standards, tourism has become an integral part of most people's lives. Especially for the United States, many people are very interested, and many people visit the United States every year.

Whether it's the Grand Canyon, known as a wonder of the world, or Yellowstone National Forest, which is rich in biological species. They are attractive to tourists from all over the world.

Antelope Canyon is one of the world's most famous slot canyons and a well-known photography spot. It is located in northern Arizona, USA, and the closest city is Page, which belongs to the Navajo Nation Reservation (the largest Indian reservation in the United States today).

Antelope Canyon is divided into two separate parts in terrain, called Antelope Canyon and Lower Antelope Canyon, the straight-line distance between the two is no more than 10 kilometers.

Millions of years of torrents and sandstorms have created this splendid cave spectacle. Its magic lies in the fact that under different light exposure, the sandstone will change into different color effects, which are colorful and gorgeous, like a magical world of light and shadow.

The world's most expensive photo "Phantom" was born here.

Antelope Canyon was discovered by a shepherd Indian girl who accidentally broke into a narrow crevice between the rocks, but found an amazing "underground paradise". The colorful rocks transform beautiful curves of different shapes, just like the stunning when a piece of rough jade is cut.

Compared with the Lower Antelope Valley, the Antelope Valley is more suitable for photography. The most famous one here is the dreamy beam of light that shoots into the bottom of the valley from top to bottom, which should not be missed. 11:00-13:00 is the best time for shooting and viewing.

At noon, the sun's rays enter vertically, setting off the gentle colored sandstone, and the fine dust is light and dreamlike.

The deep canyon, undulating lines, and blurred rocks are like a moving picture scroll, both moving and still, making people feel like they are in a colorful labyrinth. Sunlight penetrates into the cave through the cracks in the rock formations of different shades.

The colors and patterns seen from different angles are different throughout the year, even at different times of the day. Pink, tangerine, orange, red, purple, brown... interpreted as a dreamlike world of light and shadow, like a magical underground paradise.

The entrance to the Lower Antelope Canyon is only allowed for one person to pass through, and it cannot be recognized from a distance. After entering, it drops about 50 meters. Not only is the entrance narrow, but the width of the inside can only allow 1-2 people to walk side by side most of the time.

In addition, the lower Antelope Canyon light beam is far less common and easy to see than the Antelope Canyon, so there are fewer tourists.

The entrance to Lower Antelope Valley is a rocky crevice. Almost all tourists who come to visit for the first time will follow the tour guide with skepticism and file along this long and narrow rock crevice. It is really hard to imagine that the world-stunning Antelope Valley is hidden under this unremarkable rock.

The Lower Antelope Valley is mysterious and dangerous, and visiting it requires perfectly missing the rainy season, so it's only open for almost three months of the year. Tourists go deep into the ground step by step along the fixed iron ladder, and may also use some ropes in the middle.

When they reach the bottom of the canyon, the real surprise begins here.

There are no artificial lights in Antelope Canyon! All the dreamy colors are the result of repeated refraction of natural light through the texture of the rock. It would be hard to believe, if not immersive, that these infinitely changing lights come from a single natural light source.

The lines of Antelope Valley are clear and soft, the colors are gorgeous and colorful, and the strong visual impact gives people unlimited space for reverie, and every step forward makes people even more amazing!

Only the creator's ingenious work can transform the hard and rough rocks into colorful and elegant window screens, so that they can be displayed lightly in front of people's eyes, making people look forward to lingering.

Whether you come here for the first time or come back from a dream, Antelope Valley can give you a surprise that will never be repeated!