In this season, there are actually many places on earth with more beautiful autumn leaves. "National Geographic" recently selected the top six travel destinations for autumn leaves in the world. If you have a holiday in autumn, you may wish to bring a camera and record this romantic autumn scenery.

1. Sonoma County, California, USA

Sonoma County is located in northern California and is a well-known wine-producing region. Greeted by tall redwoods and lush grape leaves, fall has its own unique way of expressing its preference for Sonoma County.

Drive straight along the Arno Drive through the Sonoma Valley and you'll find trails lined with colorful fir or oak trees. Continuing towards the valley, the vineyards painted in the golden hue of the sun appear on both sides like oil paintings.

2. Gaspe Peninsula, Quebec, Canada

Walking along the coast of Quebec, the reddened maple leaves are reminiscent of the Canadian flag. On the Gaspe Peninsula, trees have a backdrop of the azure waters of the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

You can also go whale watching while hiking or admiring the fallen leaves in Forlion National Park, and if you arrive in October, you can see 7 types of whale shows.

3. Douro Valley, Portugal

The colorful terraces are the hallmark of Portugal's Douro Valley. When autumn comes, the Douro Valley is decorated with beautiful autumn leaves. This beautifully landscaped river winds its way through northern Portugal into the sea.

Terraced vineyards of red, orange, and golden spread the valley along the slopes of the river banks, ready for the cold winter days to come. Take a slow cruise along the 125-mile (200-kilometer) waterway, and you'll find the landscape here is unforgettable.

4. Northern New Mexico, USA

As a state often misunderstood as having only one season and a desert, New Mexico's northern tip-fall Rocky Mountains will tell you that's not the case. You'll see picturesque verdant valleys, poplar forests, and alpine lakes as you drive along the Mysterious Scenic Highway from Taos County to the Red River.

From late September to October, it will be a world wrapped in golden yellow.

5. Holmes County, Ohio, USA

In the heart of Holmes County's Amish countryside, maples, oaks, and the iconic Ohio tree, the buckeye, line the narrow roads that traverse vast corn fields. Driving under branches covered in bright orange and gold, walking with old-school Amish people in wagons, and stopping at roadside farms to take a break from the view is a treat.

6. Kyoto, Japan

In Japan, the autumn foliage viewing tradition called "Koyo" echoes with the spring cherry blossom viewing tradition. One of the best places to view foliage on Honshu Island is Kyoto, where the relics of centuries of vicissitudes and vicissitudes stand silently on the island.

From mid-November to December, soft light emanates from translucent lamps that hang from tall branches, creating a halo of halo against the shy red leaves.