The nutritional value of mango fruit is extremely high, with vitamin A content as high as 3.8%, twice as much as apricot.

The content of vitamin C also exceeds that of oranges and strawberries.

Mango contains sugar, protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other nutrients, which are necessary for the human body.

In addition to eating, mango has great medicinal value, and its peel can also be used as medicine.

Many people buy big fruit and think that the bigger the fruit, the more delicious it is, which is wrong.

The fruit that is too big is not only big but also not sweet enough.

From the appearance of mango is to know the sweetness of mango, those dark colors, belong to very ripe, eat very sweet.

And those with brighter colors are a little green-but it doesn't matter, they can be cooked in a few days.

Be sure to smell the mango when choosing the mango.

The delicious mango smells so good that it can be smelled even far away.

The more fragrant the mango is, the stronger the taste is.

You can also observe the position of the mango stalk. Black indicates that the flesh is ripe.

When you buy a mango, you must pick it up and weigh it.

Don't pinch the mango with your hands.

Mango is easily crushed. If you don't eat the mango immediately, it will go bad.

Never pinch or pinch a mango with a thin skin.

Feel that the flesh is strong and can be bought without damage on the surface.

What if I buy too many mangoes and can't finish them?

It can be made into ice cream, which is not only delicious but also can quickly consume mangoes.

1. The ice cream bucket should be put in the freezer for about 24 hours, taken out and assembled.

2. Add sugar to the egg yolk and beat until the sugar melts.

3. Heat the milk to about 40 degrees, stir the egg yolk and pour in the milk.

4. After stirring, move the pot to the fire, heat it over low heat, and stir until the liquid thickens.

5. Pour in concentrated lemon juice.

6. Whipped cream until streaked.

7. Mix the egg with light cream, put the liquid in the freezer and let stand for 1-2 hours.

8. Install the ice cream bucket in the toaster, select the IMIX function key, and pour the liquid into the bucket slowly and step by step.

9. Stir for 20 minutes. Stir until the volume becomes larger. Pour the ice cream into a container, sprinkle with chopped Oreo biscuits and mix well. Freeze in the refrigerator.