With the continuous improvement of our living standards, we also have a lot of choices for our way of life. At the same time, we also developed a lot of sports, which made our mood happy. Golf is one of the high-level sports, which is loved by people in a unique way.

In fact, in these hundreds of years of development, Golf Course has also paid a great evolution and change with the times. At the earliest, there were no standard golf courses and even no large machinery, so the golf course at that time highlighted the natural terrain of the stadium.

Some simple shapes, holes, and fairway transformations are artificially excavated and landed. At that time, most of the venues suitable for golf moves became the earliest stadium.

With the development of the golf course, to this day, the construction of the golf course depends more on the power of mechanical and uses mechanical power to complete the chic stadium shape and undulating roads.

Golf is a very advanced sport that originated in Scotland earlier. In Scottish hundreds of years ago, there was no standardized stadium at first. At that time, the Scottish people didn't know how to use the dunes on the east coast of their country. There is much sand on the surface, and the impact of the geographical environment cannot be planted.

So some people thought: Since this land cannot be cultivated, it is better to use it for a stadium. This can protect the fields and can be used to play entertainment. So the famous "Links Stadium" was born.

Of course, with the continuous development of this sport, its stadium has become more diverse. Generally speaking, we can divide the golf course into mountain stadiums, Link Stadium, Forest Stadium, Plain Stadium, Hills Stadium, and Desert Stadium. Each stadium presents a different style and beauty. Let's take a look at some of them now.

First of all, let's take a look at the unique charm of the mountain stadium and forest stadium. Many people may doubt, is mountains and forests suitable for exercise. The sight here is not good, the terrain is ups and downs, and there are many trees. Does this affect the fun of golf sports itself?

In fact, such features sometimes become its unique charm. Because the mountain stadium can show the mountains, you can also enjoy the magnificent posture of the mountain while playing golf. Imagine that when you stand at a high place to play golf, you can also overlook the mountains and rivers. Is this experience great?

The seaside stadium is also called Links Stadium. It originally refers to the area where the Sea seaside transitions from the sea to the farmland. Now it refers to all the seaside stadiums.

This kind of stadium is generally located on the beach, and the venue is relatively wide. Its stadium ripple -shaped, and there are many grains of sand on the stadium. It will be affected by the sea breeze in the process of playing golf.

In general, the design of the golf course is a highly artistic science. It not only has strong functionality but also includes the spirit of human movement and is a product of a combination of spiritual and material.