Unable to go surfing at the beach, people choose to have a surfboard experience in the park in front of their homes.

A kind of skateboard called land surfboard has become popular rapidly since this spring.

In the park, by the roadside of the riverside, or downstairs of the community.

You may see men and women of different ages holding land surfboards to find a piece of flat land to enjoy gliding.

Skiers and surfers regard it as a replacement, middle-aged people choose it as the first skateboard in life.

It is a sharp weapon in the eyes of KOL.

Most people don't know what Lu Chong is.

It is still a skateboarding sport that has been around for decades, but has been extremely niche.

What on earth made this unpopular project suddenly take off?

Lu Chong, full name "land surfboard".

As the name implies, this is a kind of skateboard that simulates ocean surfing, and the sport was born as early as the 1990s.

A number of senior Lu Chong players and brand leaders have said that there are many types of outdoor sports, and despite years of development.

Lu Chong is still a very unpopular project, limited to the circle of professional players and athletes.

In recent years, skiing has been vigorously promoted, and the Winter Olympic Games have pushed the craze of "all the people on the ice rink" to the climax.

Surfing, skateboarding and other events have become more popular after they were included in the Tokyo Olympic Games.

According to some e-commerce platforms, the GMV of surfboards increased by more than 400% in the first half of this year.

The growth of the base of these sports consumers has laid the foundation for the outbreak of Lu Chong fever.

In the category of skateboards, the unit price of Lu Chong is significantly higher than that of long boards and Shuangqiao.

The unit price of the former is about 100 US dollars, while the products of mainstream brands need 200-300 US dollars to win, while the latter only need dozens of US dollars to buy a good board.

So, why is the more expensive Lu Chong more out of the circle this summer?

Although they are all skateboards, the main groups of consumers in these three categories are completely different.

Changban and Shuangqiao are mainly played by college students and middle school students, while those who play with Lu Chong are more urban office workers, of which women in first-and second-tier cities account for about 80%.

This is directly related to the threshold of entry.

Whether it is Shuangqiao or long board, the difficulty of entry is much higher than that of Lu Chong.

Because it was originally designed to simulate sea surfing, the action of playing land surfing is also similar to surfing.

"Slippery and elegant, with great ups and downs, is very in line with sports aesthetics."

Most of the appearance design of Lu Chong board also pays more attention to the fashion attribute, which is favored by KOL, and then becomes popular on social platforms.