The 2022 "China-Germany International Cloud Music Festival", jointly sponsored by China's Central Conservatory of Music, Hamburg Academy of Music and Drama, Germany's Lower Saxony State Opera, European Association for International Cultural Exchange and Cooperation, and Germany's Erz Opera opened at the Lower Saxony State Opera in Germany.

The dean of the Central Conservatory of Music sent his best wishes to the opening ceremony with a video speech. He said that at the far-reaching moment of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Germany, Chinese and German musicians congratulated the long-lasting friendship between China and Germany with music and will continue to carry out various forms of cooperation in the field of music and art.

"The Central Conservatory of Music wishes the concert a complete success! May the friendship between China and Germany have a long history!"

The Chinese Consul General in Hamburg said in his congratulatory message that although there are differences in systems and cultures between China and Germany, they have not hindered the great achievements of bilateral exchanges.

Win-win cooperation will continue to be the main theme of bilateral relations.

The Chinese Consulate General in Hamburg is willing to continue to work hand in hand with all walks of life to promote the steady development of China-Germany and China-EU relations and play a surging movement of mutually beneficial cooperation.

The "China-Germany International Cloud Music Festival" has brought more opportunities for the people of the two countries to understand each other.

On the day of the opening ceremony, three alumni of the Central Conservatory of Music, a young conductor from Germany, a soprano from Austria, and a pipa player from Switzerland joined hands with the Lower Saxony State Opera Symphony Orchestra to present a grand opening symphony concert.

This concert is also the opening concert of the 22/23 music season of the Lower Saxony State Opera.

In the evening, Beethoven's work "Prometheus's Lives and Peoples Overture and Finale", while paying tribute to the German and Austrian classical music masters, also means wishing for a long-lasting friendship between China and Germany.

The 2022 "China-Germany International Cloud Music Festival" is an international cultural exchange event jointly held to promote the sustainable development of Sino-German cultural exchanges, enhance mutual understanding between the two peoples, and promote cultural and artistic innovations between the two countries.

This music festival is also the first official and comprehensive cooperation between the German State Opera House of Lower Saxony and various cultural institutions in China in many years.

The 2022 "China-Germany International Cloud Music Festival" will also bring an "Online Theme Forum & Lectures" and "Closing Concert" to Chinese, German and global audiences.