On Oct 20, 2022, local time, an outdoor light show was held in Liverpool, UK.

The light show is a common expression of night light in urban buildings and landscapes. The light show has entered the hearts of many people through the cool and dynamic light and shadow, dreamy and gorgeous effect. Light shows can not only help attractions and city centers enhance the appeal of iconic buildings and core areas, increase the artistic beauty and cultural heritage of regional attractions, but also enhance the visibility of cities or core attractions.

To create a large outdoor cool light show, there are certain requirements for the site carrier! We generally divide light show site carriers into two categories: natural-type site carriers and man-made site carriers!

The first category: the natural type of site carrier

To create a light show, you must have a venue or a vehicle, and in general, the existing vehicle will be fully utilized. Different scenic spots have different geomorphic features, which determine the implementation of the lantern show type.

Similar to natural geographic carriers such as forests, lakes, mountains, cliffs, and caves, Light & Shadow customizes forest light shows, water curtain projections, water dance performances, mountain projection performances, cliff projection performances, and cave light shows for scenic spots. Building walls, towering towers, sports venues, Buddha statues, landscape objects, and other similar carriers.

Can create shocking visual effects through realistic naked-eye 3D light display; The wide and flat pavement, road, square, and other carriers are most suitable for creating interactive projections on the ground. The interactive installation of landscape lighting designed with light and shadow is really perfect.

The second category: is artificial site carrier

Due to the lack of venue resources, some scenic spots are not suitable for creating a light show. At this time, artificial products can be chosen. Create the required site area according to the different terrain and resources of the site where the light show project is located. There are several common types: ink painting exhibition, architectural light exhibition, cliff light exhibition, tower light exhibition, theater, cave light exhibition, etc.

However, some special material carriers and terrain conditions may prevent the light from showing. Take a glass facade building, for example, which is not suitable for a light projection show. If the lake is too cloudy or the water level is too low, the equipment for the water dance performance cannot be well hidden and is not suitable for building the water dance performance.

In view of the variety of light shows, the problem of site carrier can be adapted to local conditions, so that the cool light show can give full play to its unique advantages in the night tour of scenic spots. Light and shadow can make use of lighting, installation, projection, interactive experience, and other means to create the new charm of night play light and shadow art, revive the scenic area's characteristic cultural heritage, and glow with new vitality so that tourists favor.