The kitten cannot handle many things at a young age, so at this time, the owner needs to take care of them. Whether in diet or care, the owner should pay more attention. So how do we raise a kitten?

The owner should take cats to the hospital in time for vaccines, so as to prevent malignant infectious diseases such as cat plague.

These diseases are the most harmful to kittens under four months. Virus infection sometimes does not need to be directly contacted, and often can spread through the air.

Therefore, if the owner wants his kitten to grow up healthily, it is best to vaccinate your cat in time.

Remember not to take a bath for the cat who just brought it home! Cats will lick their hair every day to make themselves clean, even if they do not take a bath for a long time, they will not dirty.

And cat's skin secretes a substance to maintain the skin's acid and alkali and achieve the role of protecting the fur.

Many kittens who have just been taken home are just injected with the vaccine, and they are not very trusted by the owner, which is even more unfavorable to taking a bath.

If you want to take a bath for the cat, it is best to wait until half a month. If you take a bath for the newborn kitten, it will be easy to get sick. In the later period, if the owner wants to take a bath for the kitten, then he must blow the kitten completely.

Compared with dogs, cats are naturally paying attention to their hygiene. They spend two-thirds of their time every day in sleep. The cat is licking hair for the rest of the sober time as if worried that his body will become dirty.

In fact, the cat combed the hair to reduce the resistance of the air and the body friction during activity, so that they can successfully capture the prey or escape the arrest of natural enemies.

The owner can feed the kitten to drink goat milk. (Last sugar in milk, kitten's stomach cannot digest) It is recommended to feed 4-6 times a day, 30-100 ml each time, depending on the situation of the kitten.

After the kitten grows up, the owner can start feeding the kitten food. However, it should be noted that the owner must first soften the cat's food with water and then let the cat eat.

You can also prepare some pet cats for vitamins and calcium for kittens to ensure that cats do not have calcium and vitamin deficiency during the growth process.

Friends who don't have good hygiene habits are not good for cats. They have high requirements for their living environment. If a cat lives in a dirty environment for a long time, it is likely to get sick.

As a qualified pet owner, at least everyone must give the cat a clean and comfortable living environment, and make these preparations to make them happy.

Cats have poor resistance in their childhood, so the owner needs to take care of them. Both the living environment and diet are very important for them.

Therefore, the owner usually needs to spend more thought to take care of them to avoid disease problems and affect the health of cats and even life.