If any race could challenge the popularity of the Singapore Grand Prix, it would be the United States Grand Prix at the superb Circuit of the Americas [COTA].

Since F1 returned to the United States in 2012, COTA has given F1 a warm welcome with a large number of fans and a warm reception in downtown Austin.

The varied U.S. Grand Prix has seen many tracks and now seems to have finally found its home at Circuit of the Americas in Austin. The Circuit of the Americas was built with the intention of hosting the F1 Grand Prix, so it has been integrated into the F1 family in a very short period of time.

The highlight of the Circuit of the Americas is the excellent facilities, the great atmosphere created by a large number of enthusiastic fans, and the layout which is conducive to a great race. 1, 11, and 12 are all good overtaking points, with the first two turns supporting a variety of passing routes. Stage 1 is an eclectic mix of other circuits, including a high-speed S-turn similar to those at Silverstone and Suzuka.

At the end of the lap, there was a low-speed combination of turns that felt like a return to Hockenheim Stadium. Despite some long straights, the downforce level was high to cope with the series of second and third-gear turns in this final stage. The balance of the suspension, on the other hand, was difficult to master - to be soft enough to press over the shoulders, yet stiff enough to handle the first stage. Interesting track!

Coming up on the 2022 U.S. Grand Prix, let's wait and see.

Race Date: October 20th - October 23rd (US time)

Race Location: Circuit of the Americas (Austin Speedway)

First race: 2012

Lap length: 5.513km

Number of laps in the main event: 56

Distance of the main race: 308.405 km

Lap record: 1:36.169 Leclerc (2019)

Which team do you like? Which team is expected to win the championship this year?

The 2022 Formula 1 Japanese Grand Prix ended with Verstappen winning and successfully defending his annual world championship.

The drivers' championship has been announced and now the teams' championship remains.

Red Bull will clinch this year's overall team championship three races early, regardless of Ferrari's score, as long as they score 26 points in the next American race.