In nature, butterflies come in all shapes and sizes. From caterpillars to beautiful butterflies, a metamorphosis process has been completed. There are also many types of butterflies, and different butterflies bring different surprises to people. This article will take stock of 6 of the most beautiful butterflies in nature.

1. Monarch Butterflies

With a wingspan of 10.1 cm, the wings are beautifully painted in black, orange and white with recognizable patterns. This cute little insect is one of the most beautiful creatures in the world. They are known for their long-distance migrations from the United States, Canada, to Florida and Mexico.

There are about 10 subspecies of this butterfly and it is the most beautiful of its kind.

2. Coffee Bee Hawkmoth

The coffee hawkmoth is found in the Middle East, Australia and Japan. This particular hawkmoth has a body similar to that of a bumblebee, but is dark green in color. They have a wingspan of 10.1 cm, and there are eight subspecies with two main physical forms.

They parasitize on medicinal plants, as well as on herbaceous plants, coffee, pepper trees, etc. The larvae eat the leaves of the host plants, and the main veins and petioles are seriously eaten away, and sometimes the flower buds and twigs are eaten up, resulting in bare stalks or withering.

3. Creekbeds Butterfly

Creekbeds Butterfly, also known as Oak Leaf Butterfly, are found in tropical forests in Southeast Asia. Their wingspans range from 7.6 to 10.1 centimeters. The distinctive features of their wings provide them with a camouflage, while the insides are marked with yellowish markings.

The reverse side of the wings is the color of dead leaves. When stationary, there is a dark brown horizontal line from the top corner of the forewing to the buttocks of the hind wings, plus a few obvious slashes on the body, which resemble the veins of a leaf.

The inside of the wings are mixed with gray-brown spots of varying shades, which look very much like disease spots on the leaves. When the two wings merged and rested quietly on a branch, it was difficult to tell the difference between them and the dead leaves of a withered broadleaf tree.

4. Blue Morpho Butterfly

The blue morpho is found in the Neotropics of Central and South America, including Mexico, Venezuela, and Brazil. This little blue insect is popular with researchers and collectors. Their quad and high wings have bright blue coloured markings with black trim edges.

With a wingspan of 11.9 cm, they are among the most beautiful butterflies in the world. Since they are blue, they are in high demand in the collectibles market. That's why they are facing declining numbers.

5. Chorinea octauius

Chorinea octauius is one of the most beautiful butterflies in the world. They occur in the wilds of the equator, Peru and Bolivia. Usually invisible under the leaves, but only fly when the sun is shining and show the viewer their magically beautiful form.

Among the eight subspecies, they have some slight differences in appearance, but are identical.