Italian food is recognized around the world, and at the same time, Italy excels when it comes to street food. Do you want to know what the best street food in Italy looks like? This article is a roundup of eight of the most popular sweet and savoury delicacies from all over Italy, which you must try when you arrive in Italy.

1. Pizza al taglio

Taglio pizza, also known as Roman square pizza, can be seen in many places in Rome selling "Pizza al taglio" small shops. Pizza al Taglio actually means "sliced pizza". Square pizzas are generally baked in an electric oven using a rectangular thin-bottomed baking pan, and then sliced and weighed for sale.

This pizza has a thin crust, rich filling, and many common combinations such as sausage cheese, tomato, onion and salmon, seafood red sauce, and more.

2. Arancini

The most authentic Arancini is in Sicily, these crispy fried rice balls, usually stuffed with mozzarella cheese, peas and meat, originated in Sicily in the 10th century and are now famous all over the world.

3. Trapizzino

The Romans' favorite budget-friendly (cheap) snack, it's cut down the middle like a pita bread and stuffed with your choice of deli filling. The trapizzino was invented by a local chef in 2008 and quickly became a popular fad.

4. Olive Ascolana

There are hundreds of ways to use olives in this country famous for its olive oil. Stuffed meat in olives, then breaded and deep fried, the meaty aroma and the freshness of the olives strike a perfect balance in the mouth.

Originating in the town of Ascoli Piceno in the southern Marche region of Italy, the green olives used are a special variety found only in this region. They are a characteristic staple of the Le Marche region and can usually be bought in cartoccio (paper tubes) and eaten on the go.

5. Panelle

A common civilian snack in Sicily, chickpea flour is mixed with corn and then fried. It can be eaten alone or with bread. Like many Sicilian specialties, they are believed to have Arabic origins.

6. Sfogliatella riccia

This lesser-known Italian dessert has a layer of icing sugar on the outside and sweet ricotta cheese on the inside. Traditionally, this puff pastry is stuffed with a thick layer of cinnamon and lemon-flavored ricotta. They are popular in Naples and surrounding areas and are best when they are freshly baked.

7. Cannoli

One of the most classic Italian desserts, cannoli is famous all over the world, but you can only get the most authentic cannoli in Palermo. Freshly fried cantaloupe is affordable, sweet and crunchy.

Fancy cheese rolls, on the other hand, use rich ingredients to create the outer skin, and come out of the oven and decorate the sides with brightly colored ingredients such as chocolate chips, nuts, diced candied fruit or candied pumpkin. Cannoli not only adds taste, but also optimizes "look".

8. Sicilian ice cream (Gelato brioche)

Gelato is without a doubt one of Italy's best-selling street foods, made with milk, cornmeal and sugar, it's refreshing and richer than regular ice cream. In summer, Sicily's focaccia-filled brioche is a must-try snack, as well as breakfast.