In diurnal life, numerous people are hysterical about the cold waves. Winter is coming, and numerous people don't want to get up and don't want to leave their warm beds. Coming out of the air-conditioned room is even more afraid of the cold.

So what kind of clothes are the warmest? What's the stylish material for thermal undergarments?

How to keep warm? It's nothing further than blocking heat loss and blocking the exchange of body heat with the girding cold air. Thousands of thermal sequestration accouterments on request are made using this principle.

In what way? The lesser the number of filaments in the same space, the larger the separating subcaste formed by the face area of the filaments to block heat radiation, and the warmer the material will be, which requires the filaments to be thinner.

The advanced thermal sequestration effectiveness requires the filaments to be concave. Thin and concave, this is specific to thermal sequestration accouterments.

1. White duck down

White duck down is the duck down used for apparel. Cotton yarn is generally used as terry yarn. White duck down is rotund, soft to the touch, comfortable to wear, and beautiful.

In addition to strong warmth retention, white duck down is also soft to the touch and has a fine texture.

2. Coral coat

The coral coat is one of the newest and best-dealing fabrics in textile fabrics. In addition to strong warmth, it's also characterized by soft hand sense, delicate texture, and environmental protection.

3. polar coat

The coat can be used as clothes, and the price ranges from high to low, and there are many styles.

4. Bamboo carbon fiber

Known as the" black diamond", it's known as the" new guardian of environmental protection in the 21st century" internationally. The birth of bamboo watercolor fiber, which integrates multiple functions into one, is a revolutionary invention in cloth multi-functional raw accouterments.

5. hair

One of the foremost natural filaments used by humans in fabrics. It has the advantages of good pliantness, strong hygroscopicity, and good warmth retention. still, due to the high price, it isn't used important for the production of nonwovens.

6. 3M Cotton

3M cotton, that is, high- an effective warm coat, is composed of microfiber, which is only one-twentieth of the fineness of hair, which means that further filaments can be filled in the same size space, and it also reflects further radiation.

So it has an excellent thermal function. It has three characteristics light, composed of microfiber; warm, with the warmth of natural cotton easy to dry, low water immersion, still maintains the original warmth in wet conditions.