In order to reach the distance better and faster, humans have invented cars and built roads. However, the driving speed in the urban area is limited. In order to rush faster, humans have also built many highways. On highways, people can gallop. However, we have many rules and restraints on highways. Here are some aspects that you need to pay attention to on highways.

Error 1: Park at random

The speed of driving on the highway is very fast, and the driver needs a certain reaction time after seeing the vehicle in front. If the front vehicle is parked at will, the rear vehicle cannot respond in time, and there may be a car collision accident. It should be noted that driving on the highway can only park the vehicle only when the vehicle is faulty, and the car should be parked in the emergency lane.

Error 2: Play mobile phones when driving

When driving on the highway, more reaction time can increase the possibility of surviving at least half of their lives. Playing mobile phones when driving is not just as simple as fines, which implies the possibility of accidents.

Error 3: Reversing on the highway

The distance between the car and the car on the highway is not far away, and the speed of the car is fast. Once the car is reversed, it will cause the car behind you to be unable to avoid and cause serious consequences, so we must avoid reversing on the highway.

Error 4: Turn around the car on the highway

Because the vehicle on the highway is very fast. The reaction distance left to the driver may be less than 200 meters. At this point you may find that there is no car behind, and you can turn around with a chance. But once a vehicle appears a few hundred meters behind, it will be difficult for you to avoid effectively.

Error 5: Did not add enough oil to the vehicle

Some drivers are very careless. They often don't pay attention to how much oil is left in the fuel tank, and then drive the car to the highway. Once the fuel is insufficient and there is no gas station nearby, then things will become troublesome, so you must prepare enough fuel before going to the highway.

Error 6: Overspeed

Once the vehicle exceeds the standard speed, the vehicle will decrease in braking performance, and the driver's response ability will decrease. At this time, if an emergency occurs temporarily, it is difficult for the driver to make effective avoidance. Drivers should not have a fluke, and they must slow down when driving at high speeds.

When driving on highways, you may often encounter many unexpected situations. Among them, tire explosion is more common and is also a kind of high risk factor. First, do not drive at high speed. The faster the speed, the higher the risk factor of the tire. After the tire explodes, you must hold the steering wheel firmly with both hands, and do not let the direction deviate. Then step on the brakes to slow down the car and move to the place where emergency parking, and then wait for rescue or replace the spare tire according to the actual situation.