If you want to show your professional and confident side in the workplace, in addition to a serious work attitude, clothing is also a very important part.

The whole suit is fully armed, which is a bit too restrictive, but wearing jeans and a T-shirt seems to be a bit too casual. In order to achieve a balance between professionalism and relaxation, more and more people have tended to try casual business wear in recent years style.

"Business casual" is another term for smart casual attire. The essence of business casual wear is to create a good-looking and casual style through simple and fashionable accessories.

But sometimes, business-casual looks can be a little tricky, but here are some simple tips you can follow when getting ready to dress.

Think about what pants to wear. Business casual wear must balance both professional and fashionable styles. The lower body can be comfortable and a little cool.

And they should be business-style and casual, such as a pair of smart slacks, a conservative dark skirt, or washed dark jeans, all of which are suitable for business casual wear.In most cases, trousers can serve as the basis for an overall outfit.

 The lower body can use one color completely. You can wear a similar brown or dark green skirt, dark blue slacks, or dark blue washed jeans.

 If you are going to wear a skirt, it must be of moderate length, at least to the knee.

 But keep in mind that if the lower body is stylish and brightly colored, the upper body should be more elegant yet stylish to better balance the outfit.

Pants are paired with a suitable top. Since business casual is all about balance in style, tops must match the overall look. If your bottoms are more sophisticated, the tops can be a little more casual (lace, colors, highlights, prints, etc.).

If the bottoms are more casual, complete the outfit with a more stylish and business-inspired top.

 Professional tops are button-down shirts, dress shirts, or tops with collars.

 Likewise, tops can use some color, as long as the overall outfit looks good. If the lower body is a relatively low-key color, you can choose a colorful shirt to match.

If your lower body is the part with more colors in the overall match, then wear a more plain top.

If you want to add a casual feel to your suit, you can try a lot of khaki trousers. Khaki trousers are warmer in tone, so compared with common black, gray, blue and other business wear colors, it will give people a more relaxed feeling, but will not lose a stable and professional style.

Wear a dress. Dresses are a safe bet if you want to try business casual. The dress will immediately make the overall look more "dressy", and its prints and materials can also add some casual elements.

Whatever dress you choose to wear, the hem of the skirt should be at least knee-length. If you have a professional dress with a conservative length and a darker color, you can pair it with casual accessories like colorful scarves, or simple, stylish jewelry.

 Vice versa, if you are wearing a casual dress, you can match it with traditional high heels with a touch of fashion, and simple jewelry.

 If it is mainly a dress to match the business casual style, it needs to be as simple as possible. When you're not sure, formal attire is less error-prone than casual.