For a luxury car, a luxury watch or a luxury bag, their greatest value is never practicality.

If practicality was the only consideration, there would be no room for luxury brands to survive.

The greatest value of a luxury brand is identity and value recognition.

Today let's get to know some of the world's famous luxury cars.

Bentley has a history of one hundred years.

In a world renowned manufacturer of super luxury cars, its models include the Mulsanne range, Flying Spur, Continental and Sky Hyatt, with prices ranging from $2.98 million to $15.8 million.

Since entering the market in 2002, it has grown rapidly.

Lamborghini is a supercar company based in Italy.

It is the most famous supercar brand in the world. It is currently part of Audi, one of the brands of the Volkswagen Group.

The lowest price of a Lamborghini model is close to $2.8 million.

The reference price of the Lamborghini Venino Convertible is $26.9 million and the reference price of the Lamborghini Hermes Roadster is $380 million, but it is only a concept car and only one is produced.

Ferrari is a manufacturer of racing and sports cars, mainly Formula 1, racing cars and high-performance sports cars, based in Modena, Italy.

Ferrari is well known. It is the super operating brand with the largest fan base in the world and the biggest winner of the super luxury brand.

Among the world's top luxury cars, Rolls-Royce is arguably the acknowledged big brother.

Its dignity lies not only in its high price tag, but also in its steeped history, classic heritage and technological innovation.

For most people, this has always been an unattainable dream.

Hereditary Noble Titles is a century-old brand that first enjoyed a reputation in carriage manufacturing, constantly making imperial cars for royalty, and has been favoured by princes and nobles around the world.

Because Hereditary Noble Titles is also a very niche brand, mainly sold around the wealthy people of some small countries in Europe and the Middle East, it will be difficult to see sports cars from this brand in China.

Maybach is one of the most expensive brands in Germany.

It is on the same level as brands such as Rolls Royce and Bentley. Its models are also sought after by many wealthy businessmen.

Maybach is a legendary brand in automotive history. Its ingenious design and unparalleled manufacturing expertise represent the highest level of the early German automotive industry.

Currently, the main product is the Maybach Zeppelin.

Koenigsegg is a Swedish car brand that produces supercars with the same logo as the Royal Swedish Air Force, hence the name "Ghost" by fans.

The Koenigsegg models start at 25 million RMB. It is worth noting that this is a small, handcrafted car company with only 30 employees.

Even top-of-the-range cars need routine maintenance, so what should I look out for?

Notes for routine car maintenance.

1. check that the tyre pressure of each tyre is in line with the specified value

2. Check the wear and tear of each tyre

3. Check whether there is debris and some larger debris embedded between the tyre marks

4. Check whether there are nails, cuts, bulges, cracks, aging valve cores and other phenomena

5. Good driving habits also help to keep your tyres in good working order.

There are two most common types of routine maintenance: 'minor maintenance' and 'major maintenance'.

Minor maintenance: the items include oil changes, machine filters, air filters, etc.

This is usually required when the vehicle has reached 5,000 km.