Doll cats hold like soft muppets and are very friendly to people. He has a bold personality, doesn't know what fear is, and has a great tolerance for pain, making him an ideal family pet.

Adult and baby cats need to exercise, but the baby cat should not exercise for too long, and adult cat exercise must be controlled according to the type and size of the cat.

If you weigh less than 5 kilograms, average activity is enough. Doll cats weigh 10 kilograms and walk for more than 15 minutes a day.

Doll cats 10-15 kg walk for more than 30 minutes a day.

The good things about Doll cats.

1. Have a gentle personality.

The Doll cat treats people well and has zero aggression toward people. Very loyal to his master.

2. Soft hair.

Doll cats have long hair and are soft to the touch, especially when walking gracefully. His hair is not only a single color but also matches other colors.

3. High compliance.

Doll cats are very obedient. If you bark at any time, the Muppet cat will rush to your side. Of course, Doll cats will be by your side most of the time.

Although docile and durable, doll cats are not generally of good constitution. How to raise a doll cat?

1. Prepare a scratchboard.

Like other cats, doll cats need to sharpen their claws. If the cat doesn't have a scratchboard, the furniture will be affected.

2. Shower regularly.

The doll cat itself is very clean, but because the stomach is poor and easy to lose, poop is easy to stick to the hair.

So the owner had better give the puppet cat a bath once every 1~2 months, but not too often, otherwise, it will cause the doll cat's hair to rough.

3. Get vaccinated.

Doll cats are vaccinated and can be vaccinated when they are over 8 weeks old.

4. Cat food selection.

Because the doll cat's hair is relatively long, easy to coarse, and shed fur is also very serious, greatly affecting the health and appearance.

Therefore, when owners choose cat food for doll cats, it is best to choose cat food with deep-sea fish oil to improve the cat's hair problem from the diet.

5. Food choices.

Because its stomach is not good, so the diet needs special attention.

Avoid stimulating foods. Such as chili, mustard, chili oil, spices, etc., these foods can dull the cat's sense of smell.

Avoid fatty foods. Greasy food, sweet food such as cake, fried chicken, French fries, etc., are easy to make cats fat or sick.

The doll cat, known as the "little fairy of cats", is loved by many people.