The belly strengthening wheel is a small booster that works muscles, joints, and weight loss. It is usually made of high-quality engineering plastics. It is simple in design, beautiful in appearance, strong and durable, and easy to use.

It is used to build fat around the abdomen, waist, hips, arms, and other parts of the body. Because the space required for exercise is simple, it is easy for families to use.

For sports and fitness enthusiasts, the exercise wheel should be a fitness equipment that everyone has used, and it works quite well, especially for some core muscle groups.

However, those who are new to the exercise wheel, they may not know how to use it.

How to use the abs wheel?

1. Be prepared.

Before use, we should do some preparation, mainly focusing on the back and hip posture. The back is slightly arched with a small fold from the midriff to the chest.

2. Extend your torso forward.

Hold the abdominal strengthening wheel and extend it forward. During the stretch, take care to control the strength and prevent the body from swinging as the abdominal strengthening wheel rolls.

During the stretch, we should stretch as far as we can manage, then contract the abdominal muscles and pull them back to the fitness wheel.

3. Pull the abdominal strengthening wheel back onto your body.

With your back straight and your entire upper body unbent, contract your abdominal muscles and pull the navel wheel back into your body. Be careful not to use arm strength to pull, or you will not achieve the effect of the exercise.

What do you need to pay attention to when using abdominal chakra?

1. For people who are unfamiliar with or have never used an abdominal roller, they must start from a kneeling position.

Because the kneeling position is the easiest, it's less likely to pull a muscle, and it's easy to do in place. As long as the action is standard, it is equally effective.

2. Many people neglect to tighten the core of the abdomen when using a fitness wheel, resulting in waist muscle strain and even other waist diseases.

Therefore, when using the abdominal wheel, we must tighten the core of the abdomen, because only when the strength is right, we can achieve the best results, only when the muscle is tight and stable, we will not easily be injured.

3. We must act according to our ability. Although Chakra is a fun and easy exercise to follow. But safety comes first.

First, don't push it too far. Just push it to the right distance. If the distance is too short, it will not work. If it's too far away, it can hurt our shoulder joints and easily cause wear and tear.

When you exercise, you must remember that safety comes first.