Whether it is a student or an office worker. More and more people are starting to keep pets. In this era of spiritual emptiness, keeping pets has become a way for the public to resolve their inner emptiness. More and more people are becoming new cat parents, but not all cats are suitable for beginners. This article will tell you which kinds of cats are not recommended for beginners.

1. Ragdoll Cat

Ragdoll Cats are popular among cat lovers for their princess-like appearance. Many beginners are also fascinated by the appearance of ragdoll cats, and even make up their minds to adopt a ragdoll cat. But for beginners, Ragdoll Cats are not recommended.

First of all, because of the expensive price of Ragdoll Cats, as a first-time pet owner, it is really worth the loss.

Secondly, Ragdoll Cats are long-haired cats, and their hair needs more time to be groomed than short-haired cats.

The most important point is that the ragdoll's stomach is relatively fragile, and it is easy for beginners to take care of the cat improperly. Cats are prone to diarrhea if they are not properly cared for.

2. Sphynx Cat

As the realistic prototype of Beerus in the anime "Dragon Ball", Sphynx Cat has always had many fans. Many beginners will choose a Sphynx Cat after weighing the pros and cons of owning a cat, because they feel that this cat does not shed and is easier to clean.

But in fact, Sphynx Cats are similar to raising children. Because there is no hair to adjust the temperature, Sphynx Cats can neither withstand low temperature nor high temperature. It is best to live in a room with a constant temperature, which requires the air conditioner to be turned on all the year round.

Although Sphynx Cats do not shed, they do require frequent bathing. Because the skin of Sphynx Cats produces a lot of oil, they can stink if not bathed frequently. Beginners often fail to raise cats because of their lack of knowledge about raising cats.

3. Persian Cat

The Persian cat is one of the most familiar cats. Because of the movie "Garfield", many people are familiar with this breed, which also makes many newbies want to own a Persian cat. Persian cats are very dependent on the care of their owners. Normal cats will clean their faces by themselves, but Persian cats will not, which requires the owner to help them clean their faces. In addition, Persian cats are prone to tear marks. These tear marks also need to be cleaned in time. If they are not cleaned in time, it will cause eye inflammation.

4. Scottish Fold

Scottish Fold cats, as their name suggests, have curved ears, and are loved by everyone for their cute and cute appearance. But Scottish Folds are genetically ill, and they mean a lifetime of misery from birth, and cat associations everywhere are urging not to buy Scottish Folds. Because once people stop buying, no one will deliberately breed Scottish Fold. Moreover, the treatment and remission of Scottish Fold requires a lot of time and money, and most people are really not good at it.

The above four kinds of cats are very test of the owner's patience, and they need special care from cat enthusiast, and beginners often cannot handle these things, so it is not recommended for beginners to keep the above four kinds of cats. But if you like the above four kinds of cats very much, you can wait until you have experience before raising them. After all, owning a cat is addictive, and if you have one, you will want to have a second one.