The height of the trees is determined by the genetic genes of the tree species, and it is also affected and restricted by the external environment. In cities, a 30 -meter -high tree is often prominent. In the vast forest, there are more than 80 meters high trees.

The trees stopped growing at a certain height. The main reason is that it is affected by the gravity of the earth. As we all know, the plant generates power by evaporating the water from the pores on the surface of the leaves, thereby absorbing moisture from the root and transporting it to the top. The existence of the gravity of the earth hinders the smooth transportation of moisture inside the trees, especially to transport water to the top of the trees, which is even more difficult.

From the perspective of photosynthesis, the concentration of carbon dioxide is also an important reason that affects the length of the trees. The density of carbon dioxide is greater than the density of air, so with the height increase, the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has also decreased sharply. The carbon dioxide concentration around the top of the tree is reduced, and the photosynthesis on the top of the tree will be limited, so the trees will not be able to continue to grow.

Since the trees cannot grow infinitely, what kind of height can the trees grow and what is its limit? Studies have shown that the growth of trees is related to the thin tube in the leaves and trunks. The trees absorb moisture through the tube in the trunk and the leaves. The finer the tube, the higher the height of the water can be achieved, and the tree has greater the potential.

Trees cannot be infinitely height. It is also the result of natural choices. Imagine that if trees can grow infinitely to high altitudes, then this kind of tree is more likely to be blown by the wind or hit by lightning. Therefore, in the process of adapting to the evolution of the external environment, its height is limited.

Recently, there is a news that makes humans a little worried, that is, the growth trend of many trees is gradually becoming slow. This is not only a bad news for humans, but also a bad news for other plants. Because many animals use tree holes or cracks as their place of living temporarily.

The reason is that after those old trees are weak or after being cut by people, the young sapling cannot quickly grow and replace them in the short term. Therefore, this phenomenon is likely to cause a negative cycle and make the situation worse. Because when the original trees die, they release many carbon dioxide to accelerate the atrophy of the tropical rain forest.

Now we know most of the trees in the rainforest age, and the average age can reach 300 to 400 years old, and some trees even have thousands of years. In some rainforest areas in North America, some trees can even reach three thousand. However, these old trees are being quickly cut off by people.