Many people say that middle-aged and old age is the watershed of health! This is indeed the case. After reaching this stage, all organs of the body will gradually age, which is the age of the outbreak of chronic diseases, such as high blood pressure, high blood lipids, and diabetes. Moreover, middle-aged and elderly people have relatively more bone loss, and are prone to osteoporosis and joint diseases.

Therefore, the elderly maintain regular exercise, which is beneficial to their health! The benefits of exercise for older adults are enormous. First of all, it can promote blood circulation. By promoting blood circulation, exercise can make brain cells get more sufficient oxygen and nutrients, which can help improve the activity of the brain, and enable people to obtain better thinking ability and reaction ability.

Secondly, it can improve the mental state of the elderly, and exercise can improve the anti-fatigue ability of nerve cells. If the elderly do not exercise for a long time, they are prone to feel tired and lazy. Appropriate physical exercise can help relieve fatigue and be full of energy.

However, compared with young people, middle-aged and elderly people are no longer suitable for more vigorous exercise, but soothing exercises such as Tai Chi are more suitable. However, in the process of practicing Tai Chi, you should pay attention to the following points to avoid harm to your body:

1. The technique should be gentle: Tai Chi is an exercise that is static and dynamic. Because middle-aged and elderly people are already limited by physical strength, the movements should not be too fast during exercise, but should be soft and naturally slow. In order to avoid problems such as shortness of breath and rapid heartbeat, especially the elderly with cardiovascular disease, the speed cannot be accelerated;

2. Prepare in advance: In general, Tai Chi exercise should be best in the early morning, but not too early. When the sun rises at 7 o'clock, the air is relatively fresh, and the sun's rays are not dazzling, which is a good time for activities. Before exercising, the elderly can prepare for some random activities, and then they can be put into the state;

3. Grasp the exercise time: When many elderly people do Tai Chi exercise, the time is maintained at about 40 to 60 minutes, and some even exceed 60 minutes, during which the rest time is too small. In fact, this amount of exercise is not suitable for the body, and will cause damage to muscles, knee joints and foot joints. From a scientific point of view, the best time to practice Tai Chi is about 30 minutes.

One of the most common accidents among older adults is a femoral neck fracture caused by a fall off balance. Why is there this result? This is due to the loss of calcium in the bones of the elderly and osteoporosis.

In Tai Chi, some movements are specially designed to exercise balance ability, and the balance ability of practitioners is fully exercised. When practicing Tai Chi, one leg often supports the weight of the whole body, the force on the leg increases, the calcium content of the bones also increases, and the bones become very strong. Therefore, people who practice Tai Chi regularly are not prone to falls and fractures.

Heart disease is the number one killer in the world. At present, there is no effective treatment method for this disease in Western medicine. Practicing Tai Chi can prevent heart disease. This is because Taiquan is different from other sports.

It stretches slowly and relaxes the muscles of the whole body, so that the heart can get sufficient blood supply, but it will not increase the heart rate. Tai Chi makes the lungs of the human body full of oxygen through slow and uniform abdominal breathing, so regular Tai Chi exercise has a good preventive effect on heart disease.