Whenever Italy is mentioned, whether it is Rome, the ancient capital of thousands of years, Florence, the Renaissance city, or Verona, the romantic capital, they are the first to come to mind. In addition, the volcanoes of Naples, the ruins of Pompeii, and the fairy tales of the Cinque Terre have also been praised frequently, but today we are going to introduce you to the mountain scenery like a fairyland - the Dolomites.

The Dolomites, a world-renowned tourist resort, are located on the edge of the border between the Veneto and Trentino-Alto Adige regions in northeastern Italy. It is the most beautiful section of the Alps, the scenery is charming in spring and autumn, so there are 18 mountains above 3000 meters. The mountains here are magnificent, the peaks are numerous, the posture is unique and charming, and the mountains embrace many charming villages. The air is pure, the picturesque scenery and the activities available all year round, making the Dolomites a hub for international tourism.

Because it has majestic snow-capped peaks, dotted alpine lakes, lush virgin forests, slowly flowing clear streams, and green meadows, the Dolomites were listed as a World Natural Heritage in 2009. No one knows how many different postures the Dolomites have, and the beauty of it is constantly seen.

When summer comes, Italy is hot, but the Dolomites are cool and comfortable. If you are a photography lover, summer in the Dolomites is your paradise. The camera shutter on your hand that will never stop will make you always remember her beautiful and dreamlike appearance.

The Dolomites have a long history of being known as a "hiking paradise". As early as the mid-19th century, planning to build hiking huts and planning hiking routes began here. Today, there are clearly marked routes in the various mountain groups of the Dolomites, natural parks and hiking huts in just the right location, and the facilities related to hiking have developed very well. Each route here is numbered, the stones along the way are marked by paint, and there are detailed signs at the fork to tell people the direction and when. When hiking here, people don't need the track and navigation in their mobile phones, they just need to pay attention to the signs, and they won't get lost. Here you can truly immerse yourself in nature.

Some people say that God gave Italy the most beautiful scenery of the Alps, and Italy left the most beautiful Alps to the Dolomites. Indeed, the Dolomites have the purest air in the world and the beautiful scenery, making it a rare Italian niche attraction. In the Dolomites you can see the reflections of the majestic mountains, whose peaks are dazzled by the setting sun. The entire valley was unprecedentedly silent, the sky and the earth were vast, the mountains stretched, and human beings were insignificant in it.