With the popularization of environmental protection education, more and more people begin to pay attention to environmental protection in their daily life. Not only the use of reusable bags and the rejection of disposable tableware, but also the concept of environmental protection can be practiced in home furnishing.

Furniture is an object that is closely related to our lives, and many people are also thinking about this, hoping to use more environmentally friendly furniture. Once upon a time, wooden furniture suffered from resistance and was considered not environmentally friendly. But now new evidence shows that wood furniture can actually be more environmentally friendly than other materials if properly selected and used.

First of all, practical wood is a recyclable material, it is also renewable at the same time. Therefore, it is more environmentally friendly than chemical synthetic materials extracted from petroleum. For example, American hardwood can continue to grow naturally, so its damage to the ecological environment is very small.

Good wooden furniture does not need additional painting, and it is very durable to maintain the original color of the log. Moreover, the paint itself is not environmentally friendly. It contains a large amount of harmful substances, which will not only cause certain damage to the human body, but also cause irreversible damage to the environment. Moreover, using some wooden furniture in life will make the home full of the breath of nature. When we see these furniture, we will think of lush woods, and the creation of this atmosphere is also conducive to the development of environmental awareness.

When it comes to buying furniture, there are nothing more than two types of furniture on the market - solid wood furniture and board furniture. These two categories seem simple, but all the furniture in the store are finished products, and it is difficult for ordinary consumers to distinguish them just by their appearance. Only by mastering certain purchasing skills can you avoid buying shoddy and flashy furniture. Let's talk about how to choose solid wood furniture.

1. Read the introduction carefully when purchasing

Due to the different materials, in the home store, the prices of solid wood furniture and panel furniture are quite different. Compared with panel furniture, the special material of solid wood forms a natural color difference, wood knot and texture. When purchasing, as long as you look carefully according to the introduction of the merchant, you can identify solid wood and wood panels.

2. Look at the texture

Solid wood furniture has a natural wood texture. A good solid wood board, you can see a pattern from the front, and you can also see the corresponding pattern at the corresponding position on the back. Similarly, pure solid wood boards generally have scars on the front side and should also have scars on the other side.

Everyone knows that if solid wood furniture is not maintained, the paint on the surface will change color after a long time. Here are some maintenance methods for solid wood furniture.

One of the maintenance tips for solid wood furniture is to pay attention to wiping. Solid wood furniture must do daily maintenance work, but it is not a simple matter of wiping it with a handkerchief. The first is the choice of cloth, to choose pure cotton and soft cloth. First, use a dry cloth to clean the dust on the surface of the solid wood furniture, and finally wipe the dust from the corners of the furniture with a semi-damp cloth dipped in water. You should pay special attention not to use some strong chemicals like oil to remove stains on furniture. And you must remember that solid wood furniture should not be wiped with hot water, nor close to the heat source, because if it is kept at high temperature for a long time, the solid wood is easily deformed or even cracked.

The second maintenance secret of solid wood furniture is to keep away from hard objects. Solid wood furniture is prone to scratches. Once there are scratches, it will easily affect the overall beauty, and sometimes some scratches are difficult to repair. Therefore, you must not put some sharp objects near the solid wood furniture in your home to avoid scratches.