There are a bunch of lovely people in the world. They dedicate their personal time, volunteer to serve social welfare causes, do not seek returns for interests, and have made great contributions to social development. Their name is Volunteer.

The United Nations defines volunteers as "activists who voluntarily engage in social service without gaining any benefit, money or fame".

On December 17, 1985, the 40th United Nations General Assembly passed a resolution that from 1986 onwards, December 5th will be the "International Volunteer Day for Economic and Social Development".

Its purpose is to promote the government to mobilize more people to participate in social development and economic construction as volunteers through the celebration activities.

Volunteer spirit.

1. Dedication.

Dedication is noble and the essence of volunteerism. Volunteers participate in activities that promote human development and social progress regardless of remuneration, fame, or privilege. These all reflect the noble spirit of dedication.

2. The spirit of friendship.

The spirit of volunteer service advocates volunteers to be grateful to others, be kind to others, have love without hindrance, and respect others equally. This is the spirit of friendship.

The love of volunteers goes beyond national borders, beyond occupation, and beyond the gap between the rich and the poor. Regardless of culture, race, or level, it is equal love. Let society be full of sunshine-like warmth.

3. The spirit of mutual assistance.

Volunteering contains a profound spirit of mutual assistance, advocating "mutual assistance, helping others and self-help".

Volunteers rely on their own hands, hearts, knowledge, and love to carry out various volunteer service activities to help people in difficulties and crises.

At the same time, the volunteers awakened the benevolence and charity in the hearts of many people with the spirit of "mutual aid".

4. Progressive spirit.

An enterprising spirit is an important part of the spirit of volunteerism. Volunteers improve their abilities and promote social progress by participating in voluntary services.

The benefits of being a volunteer.

1. Learn new skills.

When you are involved in volunteer work, many times you face challenges. By overcoming these obstacles, you can learn and master new skills.

2. Get to know more people.

By volunteering, you will meet a lot of people.

3. Enhance social responsibility.

Youth volunteer activities have enhanced the sense of social responsibility of young people and played a positive role in improving the social atmosphere and establishing professional quality.

4. Let you know more about what you want.

It's a great way to find a new perspective on life. When you've done it for a while, you may find yourself reassessing your priorities or even taking a whole new path in your life.

At the heart of volunteerism is the ideal of service, solidarity, and the belief that together we can make the world a better place.